Inspiration From Dr. Cat Begovic

Cat Begovic, or @beautybydrcat on Instagram, is definitely one of my favorite people to follow online.

She’s a board certified plastic surgeon who likes to post informative and empowering videos for her 1.1 million followers. Yup, we all get our welcome dose of Brazilian butt lifts and labiaplasty procedures on the daily – and I don’t mind!

I never really saw myself as a surgeon, but seeing her kick ass on IG stories makes me think to myself – why the hell not?

The other day, she posted this. I almost felt as though she was talking to me specifically!

Cat Begovic

My favorite part – “Success, spotlight, glit and glam includes also being able to disappear for a while and work on your goals.”

It was just what I needed to hear. I’ve always known I made the right decision to finish my internship despite other possibilities, but I admit I still need a little reminder sometimes.

Yes, it sucks that I was left behind by my batchmates. And it sucks even more to stay in a hospital where everyone yet no one really knows you at the same time.

Nonetheless, I’ll let myself “disappear for a while to work on my goals”. There’s actually only just one. I am so, so excited.

Excuse me while I doctor.

What’s Good?

Hello! I’m now doing my Surgery rotation wherein our call time is earlier than usual at 6:15 am every day.

Despite my perpetual struggle with poor sleeping habits and alarm clocks, I actually LIKE having to go to the hospital that early. We get to do our chart rounds and patient endorsements before 8 am, and sometimes we even have time for a quick breakfast as a group before we assume our posts for the day.

Today we didn’t have that though, because after around 30 minutes of trying to book a ride to the hospital, I got a text that said classes and work in Manila have been suspended for the day due to the weather.

HHHYYEESS!! Usually it’s only the clerks who benefit from cancellation of “classes”, because interns and residents are no longer students. I’m so glad I don’t have to do anesthesia clearance today. <3

So far, so good. I have already changed back into my pajamas, finished my morning cup of coffee, watched one episode of This Is Us, and I’m now ready to post this blog update. I figured I should do more of this instead of tweeting in threads and posting “TLDR” captions on Instagram.

(I finally know what TLDR means after someone commented it on one of my posts. Umm thanks!)

How about you? What’s good?


How To Be A Medical Doctor In 6 Years (BS Human Biology Program)

About the BS Human Biology program

You may or may not know that my original pre-med course was BS Human Biology in De La Salle University Manila. For a little background, this is the official course description from the DLSU website.

The Bachelor of Science in Human Biology is a three-year program of De La Salle University main campus (DLSU-Taft) being offered in consortium with De La Salle University College of Medicine (DLSU-Med) of the DLSU Health Sciences Institute.


The program allows highly qualified students to obtain the Doctor of Medicine degree from DLSU-Med in just six (6) years. The first two-year courses will be taken at DLSU-Taft while the third year courses will be taken at DLSU-Med. The third year courses are the first year courses of the regular medicine proper students of the College. These will be taken together with the regular first year students of the DLSU-Med.


After obtaining the BS Human Biology degree, the graduate will be admitted into the DLSU-Med directly into the second year of medicine proper. A student thus obtains his Doctor of Medicine in only six (6) years.

The first two years are spent in De La Salle University Manila as an undergraduate student, and upon completion, students are accelerated straight to medical school in De La Salle Health Sciences Institute on their third year. When they finish this first year in med school (or “third year of college”), that’s the only time they get a college diploma (BS Human Biology). Then they continue to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year medicine as usual.

Wow! A shortcut to medicine? Sounds like a big advantage, yes. But of course there are pros and cons to everything, and in my experience, these are just some:

All About The BS Human Biology in DLSU – The Pros and Cons


Feeling Domesticated

Life update!

It’s been three weeks since I started my Community Medicine rotation. That means I have no overnight shifts at the hospital, and I have all my weekends off. Most days I even get to go home by lunch time!

So what have I been doing with all this free time?

I’ve been attempting to study and shoot and edit videos in advance so I can have time to study, but most of my time are actually eaten up by..


Blogging Like It’s My Business

It’s been two years since I bought this domain, with the original intention of somehow making this website my productive hobby slash profitable sideline. Well, that didn’t happen.

I’m mentioning this because I just got an email that my self-hosted blog is due for a renewal of contract in a few weeks. Mind you, that comes with a HEFTY price tag – in freaking dollars. Damn.

I also bought a new laptop in the hopes of making it another profitable investment. We’ll see!


What’s The Best Pre-Med Course For Filipinos?

What’s Your Recommended Pre-Med?

Many students who want to be a doctor are faced with the challenge of picking the best pre-med course.

Specifically here in the Philippines, the normal path is to finish any college course first that will serve as your “pre-med” – and usually, students are advised to take courses that will help prepare them best for med school.

Let me start by saying that no matter what advice you hear from your parents, your med student neighbor, your family doctor, or me (yes, even ME!) – in the end, there is no such thing as the BEST pre-med major. Why? All courses have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the experience is always different per person.

When you get to med school eventually (and you will!), you’ll realize that nothing could have prepared you for it fully, and it’s all just about striving and working hard every day.

Simply put, it’s not in the course nor the school. It’s in the student!

Doc, You’re Not Helping

I know, I know. You still have to pick a pre-med. In that case, I believe you should consider both PRACTICAL and PERSONAL reasons to end up with the best choice for you.

I came up with a two-part series on how to pick the best pre-med course for you and you can watch the videos below to find out.

I hope you learn a lot! If you found it helpful, please don’t hesitate to recommended my channel to anyone who might find my topics interesting too. It will honestly give me the boost to keep on making more videos every week. 😉

How To Choose Your Pre-Med/College Course (What’s the Best Pre-Med PART 1)

Part 1 Highlights:
Consider these practical things when deciding:
1) Location / where will you live when studying?
2) Tuition fee and scholarship opportunities
3) School reputation / student success rate – although this is debatable
4) Course duration
5) Job opportunities aside from medicine

My Advice In Choosing Your Pre-Med (What’s the Best Pre-Med PART 2)

Part 2 Highlights:
Reconsider your pre-med goals. It’s not just so you can get into a good med school or have an edge over your med school classmates.

Your only goals should be:
1) Develop good study habits.
2) Do not get into trouble.
3) Fall in love with learning.

And if you still don’t know what you’re interested in:
1) Google the course curriculum.
2) Google current students of that course.
3) Take a look at yourself – what you like to waste your time on, what you share on social media, what inspires you.

In the end – FOLLOW YOUR HEART. Your pre-med is your whole college experience already so make the most out of it. Stop worrying so much about med school while you’re not there yet.