What I Do

I have my friend to thank for always asking me if I am happy with what I do.

What do I do?

  • I’m a med student.

  • I wake up to an alarm that won’t go off unless I solve some arithmetic.
  • I prepare for the day ahead, and have my puppy send me off the door. (He stares until I close it. Heartbreak.)
  • I walk to the jeepney stop six minutes away – traversing a polluted road, fully alert so I may avoid getting hit by a motorcycle again.
  • I get to school three slides into the lecture that has already begun. (My attendance has however improved since I became class president.)
  • I grab a cup of coffee mid-morning.
  • I delight in my ability to take down good notes. (I evaluate professors based on how my notes look like at the end of the lecture.)
  • I meditate before taking an exam. (After catching a final glimpse of my notes for a short-lived photographic memory.) (Meditation works.)
  • I head to the library to read a few pages of my textbook and transcriptions.
  • I leave school with the intention of studying for the rest of the night.
  • Sometimes I actually do.
  • I retreat to bed when I can’t anymore.
  • I put on my headphones and fall into a delta-wave induced sleep.

The cycle begins again, including Saturdays this school year.

This was a choice I happily made when I committed to becoming a doctor, and it seems to be a choice I happily make every day.

So ayun, kaya po naman.

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