Seriously Considering Derma!

In this video, I’ll debunk a common misconception about derma, why I look up to dermatologists, and tell you if and why I may become a skin doctor myself in the future!

Aaaaand.. as per your request – I snuck in a little bonus. My skin care routine!! Hahaha it’s not even a routine as you’ll soon find out. I only have a few holy grail products, so if you’re lazy like me, you’ll find my recommendations for clear skin very helpful.

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2 thoughts on “Seriously Considering Derma!

  • Anna

    Ive a question: do seizure medicines cause acne not just around your face but also on other parts of your body (back and front) throughout the time uou take em? Ive been taking them for months and while these didnt show up, months after maybe 3 to 5 they do.. I checked with my other meds and parang ito ang dahilan.😐. Maybe yung terazosim din to lower my bp but i have a feeling na ito din. Sorry long comment but I have been wondering and i saw your derma post..