APMC 2nd Round Internship Matching 2016

The APMC, through their website, just released a second list of successfully matched interns for this year. Congratulations everyone, especially to my friends who now have one less thing to be anxious about! 🙂

APMC internship matching 2016 2nd round

Click below to see the PDF file.
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There’s also an announcement from the APMC.

All interns must submit a certificate for medical internship and confirmation of completion of internship (pink form) to the hospital where they are matched prior to internship training/rotation. You may get them from the office of APMC, upon compliance of a certificate of graduation.

A Certificate for Medical Internship will be issued to each intern which he/she must present to the hospital with which he/she is matched upon reporting for internship, together with the Certificate of Graduation issued only by the Dean of the medical school. The Certificate for Medical Internship when presented alone is not valid for internship nor the Certificate of Graduation alone.

July 1 is just araound the corner. 🙂

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