First post as a CLERKIE!!

So how much do you love/hate the way I’m trying to make “clerkie” happen? No Regina George to stop me. Ha ha.

It’s been two weeks since I officially became a clinical clerk / junior intern. My first rotation is the most benign of all – Community Medicine! My thoughts on that so far is saved for another post. 🙂



Allow me to think out loud for a while. Pardon the OA.

Sometimes, I still can’t believe it. Meeee?? Fourth year med already? Has it really been that long? I can no longer put a finger on how much I’ve changed over the last three years. All my big anxieties and little triumphs throughout med school revealed something new about me. Now I know what I value most at this age, and what I couldn’t care less about. I can’t help but wonder if my old, distant friends would still recognize me.

One of them likened us both to a stew. He said the basic shiz was set long ago, and only the fancy new ingredients are added later on as we experience things on our own. I’d like to believe I’m still made of the same, basic liquid base – whose taste is still recognizable despite the beef and carrots.

For one, same old optimistic me still believes in grabbing opportunities and making the most out of them. I thought I’ve known this for quite a while, but med school has so far showed me a different way to do it.

What opportunities?

Every boring prof lecturing is an opportunity to be the only one in the room to hear that seemingly important clinical pearl just uttered.

Every exam is an opportunity to prove not how much you’ve learned, but how much more you are willing to give to learn.

Every case report deadline is an opportunity to respect your groupmates’ time and effort.

Every “what the hell” face you get from a professor during a case discussion is perhaps an opportunity to ask yourself the same question. Really, what was that?

Likewise, every time you slept through your alarm clock is an opportunity to once again attempt to break a bad habit. (I’m getting there!)

I am only one year away from my MD degree. Time flies by so fast! I hope to still find time to write here. I have enjoyed back-reading my own posts so far. 🙂

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