Final Thoughts on Third Year Med

I am done with 3rd year med school! After enduring two weeks of shifting and final exams fueled by naps, caffeine, and the strong desire to just get it all over with – I made it!

Break time! Sharing one apple pie ala mode at 2 am during one of our study night-outs.

Break time! Sharing one apple pie ala mode at 2 am during one of our study night-outs.

A few days ago, the list of third year students promoted to clerkship was posted. To those wondering, clerkship is equivalent to junior internship. Click here to understand the steps better.

Congratulations to everyone!

Congratulations to everyone!

Some survived third year like a consistent and disciplined marathoner, while for some, it required a last-minute all-or-nothing power sprint. For me, it had been both.

While I maintain that third year is my best year in terms of learning (I am amazed at my new-found basic command of the medical language), I know I could have given more in terms of discipline. I can pinpoint all those times I missed a 7 am short quiz, and how that drastically pulled my grades down. That, plus I played the Kardashian Hollywood game all throughout third shifting exam week. Regrets.

Now I know. High grades do not reflect learning; but rather, high grades reflect high standards, and the dedication to meet them. I salute my classmates for being brave enough to aim for the top, and for working hard to get there.

That said, another thing I learned is that we all have different standards in terms of grades. It is a personal decision – one you must set if you want to compete with no one else but yourself. Therefore, you can’t hate on someone for being disappointed with an 84, when you were already a dog with two tails with your 75. We all have our own struggles, and you can’t put others down if their standards are higher or lower than yours. 

As for me, my only goal since day one has been to simply maintain my scholarship / category 2 status. I am happy to announce that I made it happen all throughout med school! YAHHHOOOO! It’s not impossible, as long as your are steadfast in your goal and you surround yourself with like-minded people.


Studying with some of my favorite classmates – all smart, hardworking, and positive people. 😀

OMMC Clerk in exactly 7 days,
Aura 🙂

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