Have you seen this new BPI commercial? I found it very touching.

I don’t remember telling my parents, ever, that I wanted to be a doctor. I was an undecided high school senior who picked those science courses because I thought medicine was a safe choice.


I ended up in a tough two-year pre-med with an advanced curriculum, and finished the first few semesters without fully understanding what I was studying.

Two years later, my blockmates and I were already eligible to proceed to med school. Here it goes, my super plan to be a hot young doctor at 24. I thought I was ready.

Wrong again.

Forget the unexpected scholarship rejection. Now I understand that that was not the reason why I wasn’t allowed to go to med yet.

I still had to fix my study habits.
I still had to be an independent learner.
I still had to fall in love with what I was doing.

Check, check and check. Dingdingding!!

I really, really think there’s no turning back now. I got accepted in the College of Medicine of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. Whenever I tell people that, I only get two extremely opposite answers.

“Ikaw na! Ang galing mo!!!!”
“…….. Saan yun?” 

I’m enrolling tomorrow. I’m thankful to have been given this opportunity and I’m not going to waste it. For a while, I fooled myself into believing that I’d be happy to shift to a different career path because Medicine is EXPENSIVE. (Miss Earth na lang wehe) But God knew; and He answered my unsaid prayers in the wisest way.

It must be said though, that even if this was never my dream, this is at least my choice. I’m choosing to surrender the supposed best years of my youth to big books and humbling hospital experiences. I’m choosing to challenge myself physically and mentally, like I’ve never done before. I’m choosing this because I know that when I get out it (and I will, just as others before me have), I will have no regrets.

My true ambition, after all, is to become a person who will always have a choice.

Free are those who can do what they love. Happy are those who can love what they do.

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