Top Performing Philippine Medical Schools in 2011-2015

top performing philippine medical schools based on physician

Ranking medical schools based on board exam results is tricky and should always be taken with a grain of salt.

Nonetheless, it is the only objective way of assessing the success of medical schools in preparing their students, so no matter what I say – this list matters!

I compiled dataΒ from the last five years to guide med school aspirants in choosing their school and to inspire current med students to maintain or even improve their school’s performance.Β I know seeing my school’s name up there is enough motivation for me already. πŸ™‚

Every time we learn that PLM is yet one of the top schools again, we are inspired to work hardΒ and believe that theΒ training we get in our humble school (and doubly humbling hospital) should be enough to get us to the finish line.

Wait, what finish line? Passing the boards is just the beginning of yet another journey!

Top Performing Philippine Medical Schools Based on Physician Licensure Exam Performance 2011-2015
Rank Medical School PASSERS TAKERS %
1 Cebu Institute of Medicine 416 417 99.76%
2 University of the Philippines Manila 751 753 99.73%
3 University of Sto Tomas 2041 2058 99.17%
4 Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila 572 577 99.13%
5 Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health 365 369 98.92%
6 University of the East Ramon Magsaysay 839 855 98.13%
7 West Visayas State University 345 359 96.10%
8 Davao Medical School Foundation 335 349 95.99%
9 Far Eastern University 562 590 95.25%
10 Cebu Doctors University 236 251 94.02%

Disclaimer –Β Β This ranking is based on the performance of FIRST TIME TAKERS during the AUGUST Physician Licensure Exam from 2011-2015. Excluded from this list are 1) repeaters, 2) February takers, and 3) schools with less than 50 examinees. Data source: PRC Website

In 2011, I did a similar ranking for our org’s guide to med school application. I no longer have a copy of that guide, so if anyone was able to previously download from this page, please send it to me!


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11 thoughts on “Top Performing Philippine Medical Schools in 2011-2015

  • Anonymous

    I think you should include the February Board examination to be fair. Indeed, some medical schools are successful in garnering the Top 10 during the February Physician Lecensure Exam and they are consistent for the past 20 – 30 years. Lastly, It is also the student that defines the school after graduating and passing the board examination. I know someone who graduated from a “less known school” (province) and now he is a successful surgeon. He is proud of his “less known school”. For our aspiring future doctors, it is up to you and you alone if you really want to be a successful physician. Of course, a good school will be a boost but it will be you who will define it.

    • Aura Post author

      Hello Anonymous! Thank you for commenting twice, mas chill ka dito kaya I’ll reply here haha πŸ™‚ You said it yourself – nasa student yan and wala sa school. I just presented it the way PRC would.

      1) August only or Feb only (in this case I decided na August lang kasi mas maraming August takers);
      2) No retakers cos hindi na pwedeng itotal yung examinees for the past five years if may retakers,
      and 3) No less than 50 takers cos even PRC does this when they do the top 10 schools. Probably cos 44/45 passers (97.7%) is far from 389/390 passers (99.7%) in terms of ranking.

      I hope it makes sense now!

    • Anonymous

      I think the basis of this ranking is based on the number of passers vs the number of takers. Even if the top one came from an unkown school but almost half of his schoolmates failed then the passing rate of their school would be low. For me I think this is how they rank it.

  • Anonymous

    This is very misleading! Why would you exclude the February board examination, retakers and less than 50? Are you that stupid? So pag nag take pala ng boards ang tao sa February dahil yun ang preferred ng school at nag top sila at pumasa hindi na sila top performing? Ang daming med schools na nag ttake ng February boards at laging nagttop ang school nila! Ano yun? Less top performing schools due to February Boards? Pag less that 50 hndi din top performing? Pag nag retake tapos pumasa na sila ibigsabihin ba nun hndi na din top performing? Eh pumasa na nga ung nag retake kasi inalagaan ng school nila yung pumasa. That shows how good the school is. Burahin mo nga yang post mo or baguhin mo yung title. Sobrang Bias ng ginawa mo. TV network lang? Yeah right.

    • Ivan

      C’mon anonymous, it is a long time tradition of keeping the sanctity and impact of August boards.I guess it has been passed unto her as well by our medical ancestors, the stigma and we cant just deny it.Bias as it may seem, but Passing the August boards (first time) is the way to do it!E di ikaw ang gumawa ng top performing ng February boards and let your minions celebrate it!Go ahead:)!Peace:)

  • Anonymous

    Why exclude schools with less than 250 examinees? A small school with less than 250 examinees but has great passing rate should have been included in the ranking.