Q&A My Journey to MD and What’s Next After PBB

I recently did a Q&A video with my friend Baninay on her channel wherein I kind of promised I will answer all med-related questions in a separate video. Finally, here it is!

This is a quick summary of my med life so far – from my pre-med course choices, getting into med school, maintaining my grades, and my plans after my short stint in Pinoy Big Brother (PBB).

Side Note About (Finally) Vlogging

Well technically this is not a “vlog” because it’s not about my daily life. Nonetheless, this is my first time to create and share content in video format. It’s pretty exciting! For someone who likes to create graphics and edit videos for fun, why oh why did I only think about this now?!

Wait, no. I’ve been playing with the idea of venturing into Youtube for so long, but I didn’t want to start something if I’m not sure I can commit to it. I know, I know. That’s just one of my many lame excuses.

What pushed me to finally do it though? Definitely the people in my last blog entry who thought  I should probably stay a blogger and stick to writing.

Thank you! Didn’t you know? The only way to make me do anything is to tell me otherwise.

Hands up my fellow stubborn Taurus bulls! It’s our birthday month! 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Q&A My Journey to MD and What’s Next After PBB

  • Maureen Cambay

    Hello, this is my first time to comment on a Filipino vlogger. Just wondering, how does a med student maintain his/her diet during their stay on med school? Hihi. Applicable din naman siya sa students in general kasi pansin ko nagtatabaan na kaming magkakaklase while studying. Hahaha. Are there any tips and suggestions? 🙂

  • Charleyy

    Hi Doc Aura! Incoming Grade 11 po ako this year at gusto kopo sana maging isang doctor like you. Ano poba yung course na dapat kopong kunin? Thankyou po 🙂

  • Nicole

    Hello po 🙂 Thanks for posting some of your journeys in becoming a Doctor. It inspires me a lot:) Anyways, bakit po parang ang bata niyo pa po to become a Doctor? I mean it will take 4 years to finish med school so I assume po na 20 years old po kayo nagstart mag med? 🙂 thanks po 🙂

  • Carmel Kho

    Finally!! Thanks Doc Ate Aura 😀 Btw doc ano pinakamagandang pre med course for college? im considering these options po.. BS Biology, MedTech, or BS Nursing? or what can you suggest? Salamaaat po!

  • Keromi

    DRa. Nagkasakit kasi ako ng ptb. Alam Kong natreat siya (treated na po pala ko) Pero syempre di ba makikita siya sa xray. Natatakot kasi ako kung may tatanggap bang hospital sakin. Though tinanong ko na doc ko sabi niya Basta may clearance na treated na ok na daw yun. Pero natatakot ako na baka wala tumanggap sakin… Though student palang ako. Yun na kasi iniisip ko ahead.

    • Aura Post author

      Don’t worry, super common naman yan sa Philippines. There’s a stigma, but as a person who endured the treatment for 6 months, you should be the one to break the stigma. PTB is treatable. 🙂

    • Aura Post author

      No of course not I don’t think it’s possible hahaha. But what you will develop is this confidence that if you ever need all that info again, you know exactly where to look it up and it’ll be easier to understand. The clinical stuff that we really need are easy to remember once it’s associated with actual experience from seeing your patients. 🙂