PLM CM Tuition and Fees 2015-2016

One of the known advantages of studying in PLM College of Medicine is the very low tuition fee. For school year 2015-2016, these are the fees per semester. This is divided per year and per category status. There is no total amount yet because the “med fund” depends per student. This is determined on your first ever enrollment based on your parents’ income tax return. It ranges from P5,000-P12,000.
As for us clerks, we don’t have semesters so the fees are for one whole year. There are also additional fees for graduation, comprehensive exams, etc.

Whole year tuition + fees for clinical clerks / fourth year students

Whole year tuition + fees for clinical clerks / fourth year students

The payment scheme is pretty forgiving too. While Category I students pay their whole tuition at once, those in the more expensive categories (Cat II and III) are allowed to pay in two, three, or even four installments throughout the year. Most of my classmates just complete their payments right before they need their clearance at the end of the year.

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16 thoughts on “PLM CM Tuition and Fees 2015-2016

  • Sam Samala

    Hi Dok! I am finding for cheap medical schools to study. Reading blogs and researching for it. Sinasabi ng marami na maganda talaga sa PLM (top med school) at mura pa. So inaalam ko magkano tuition sa PLM, It happens na it lead me to your blog. Mehehe. Very helpful!

    But, I have questions.
    1. Pwede po ba mga non resident of manila? (tho it has already answered below)
    2. Pwede po ba mga non-premed student? or do I still need to take required science subjects? (crying about this)
    *While I am watching your latest Vlog (A Day In A Life Of A Medical Intern (My OB-Gyne Rotation)), I read a comment that she has a classmate studying in PLM with social science as her premed. This is why I researched again about PLM and opened your blogs.
    3. What is the required NMAT for PLM?
    4. What if I am (will be) a Latin Honor (summa, magna or cum) but non resident of manila, do I still have a chance in PLM?

    medical schools for aspiring doctors who are non-pre med students are very few, plus so expensive.
    I am your fan since PBB. Please notice me! hahaha 🙂
    I watched all your vlogs and read your blogs.

    Keep your very inspiring blog and vlogs. May God bless you more!

  • Gab

    Hello po. Ask ko lang po kung may marerecommend po kayong school na nag ooffer po ng crash course on Microbiology/ Elem. Genetics? Yung iba po kasing schools, nag ooffer pero may pre requisites eh. Thank you.

  • Danny

    Hello po 🙂
    Taga Maynila lang po ba talaga ang pwede mag aral sa PLM-CM?
    Kase taga Caloocan ako, and I love to study in Medicine in PLM 🙂
    Thank you 🙂

  • Andrea

    Hello po! 😊 Ask lang po with regards sa Category 4 and 5, if ma-maintain po yung grades throughout the first year in med, will the categories remain or will be shifted to similar categories (Category 1 for the Category 4 / Category 2 for the Category 5)? Thank you very much po! 😊

  • polpoleen

    Hi Aura

    First of all, Thank you very much for your blog( thank God at nababasa ko mga post), You enlighten me and gives motivation to pursue medical career. That’s why I’m an avid reader of your blog ahaha;).

    I almost completed all the requirements(NMAT na lang po, CATEGORY I ako kung papasok ako sa PLM, one year preparation ang ginagawa ko) but I have problem in units/subject enrolled in undergraduate.I will just ask how the PLM CM classify subjects as “NATURAL SCIENCE”, In the required units Chemistry and Physics units are separated ( di ko alam kung bakit nakahiwalay pa ito at di na lang isang NATS), it creates confusion in my mind. I went to the office for assessment of my TOR, I accepted the fact that I have to get ana physio and microbiology as supplementary units(chemistry major po ako) but what I can’t accept is that they do not consider my chemistry subjects as “NATURAL SCIENCE”, di ko kilala yung nag-assess ng TOR ko pero sya daw may hawak ng incoming freshman, My goal is to enroll ana physio and microbiology but I was really frustrated the way SHE classify science (science teacher ako, 100% n NATS is divided into physical science and biological science), hindi naman nakalagay na biological science sa brochure eh( ganito kasi eh, NATURAL SCIENCE 15 units with comparative vertebrate 5 units or ana phyiso 5 units). meaning to say, may kulang ako na 17 units(including microbio 5 units) SHE only considered biological science as NATS haayyyyyy;( anu ba yan?. I just keep my composure at the end of the day. FRUSTRATED AND CONFUSED na lumabas ng PLM.

    please kindly clarify this misleading, I know naman na masasagot mo ito;)

    God bless you!!

  • Roby Abanto

    Hi Aura,

    I saw your blog about the life of a medicine student in PLM along with the scholarship and I’m really really inspired to pursue it.

    I hope you can help me understand some of the requirements.

    First, I graduated in UST with a degree in Psychology. Through hardwork, I graduated Cum Laude. However, during my college days, my father died and my dream to be a doctor was completely shattered.

    I am now working, but I never lose the the hope that someday I will be a doctor. Someday.

    I am not really from Manila. I am from Batangas. I am staying here in Manila for 6 years now in a condo we rent. I want to apply for Medicine and for scholarship, but I’m not sure which category I fall. Money will be a concern for me so I have to be sure. I hope you can help me.

    Plus, I don’t have any Physics subject in college and it’s not offered in Psychology in UST. I have Comparative Anatomy which I took before when I’m still on track to become a medicine student.

    I hope you can help me determine what I still need and what I lack to be able to get in. I’m really persistent to apply, but I hope I could get at least Half scholarship if not full.

    Thank you.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you for sharing your blog post. It is truly inspiring. :”’)



  • Anonymous

    hi ate 🙂 incoming second year po ako plm med rin po. thanks po for your blog. it is one of the many reasons po na napromote ako, reading all your experiences inspire me and my friends na mg aral pa po lalo:) naging role model po namin kayo (super crush ka po ng kblockmate ko haha)

    sorry po for this, ask lang po sana namin kung paano po ba mag compute for GWA? di po kasi nagtutugma ung computation namin sa CM. TYIA!

    • Aura Azarcon Post author

      Hi hehe you’re welcome 🙂 first, verify the number of units per subject sa college of med office. Dapat pareho yung nakasulat sa yellow reg form nyo when you enrolled and sa sasabihin nila na units. Then just multiply your final grade sa # of units, do this for all the subjects, get the sum and divide by the total # of units. May chance na mali ang computation nila ng gwa because of a typo so really double check. Nangyari na sa ibang batchmates ko.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks po ate. naka ilang beses ko pong inulit computation, mali nga po. Sorry last question na po 🙂 pinabago po ba ng mga kabatchmates niyo yung grades nila? medyo GC po ahhaha..

        • Aura Azarcon Post author

          Yup pinabago nila and naretain nila scholarship status because of that clarification. Kahit hindi, a higher GWA would mean a higher class rank, which will reflect on your TOR. You’re going to need that when applying for residency, etc 🙂