For PLM College of Medicine Aspirants

for plm college of medicine aspirants

This is about my personal experience in the (tedious!) admission process of my current med school, Pamantasan ng Lungsod Ng Maynila (University of the City of Manila).

When I myself was applying last year, I relied heavily and almost solely on what people had to say online, simply because I didn’t personally know anyone studying at PLM yet. My biblesΒ – this blog and Pinoy.MD. The resources were limited then, and still are now, so I hope a needy soul at least finds this page and finds it useful.

These are all from my personal experiences only. I am not some kind of official spokesperson for the college. Umeeksena lang ako, haha! But I only applied last year, and am currently a Freshman – so I’m guessing this is the most updated guide you’ll find. I really hope it helps you. If you are still confused, leave a comment and I’ll try to give a prompt reply.

PLM-CM is located in the historic walled city of Intramuros. Its teaching hospital is Ospital ng Maynila, a public hospital, located at Quirino Avenue cor. Roxas Boulevard (one jeepney ride away for students who have classes in both locations in one day). Student population is relatively small – there are four blocks per batch, with 34-36 students each. Professors are all inspiring MDs, most of whom are graduates of PLM themselves.

Like I said in a previous blog entry, I only get bipolar comments when people learn that I’m taking up med in PLM. “Wow, ang galing mo!!!” or …. “PLM, saan yun???”

Para matapos na ang gulo, eto na.

Based on the passing rates in the last 5 years - PLM is top 4!

Proudly displayed at the lobby of the Med building and at the university entrance.

Some people say that it doesn’t matter what med school you go to, as long as you pass the licensure exam. At one point, I agree because I’ve seen the worth of independence and personal efforts. But honestly, if you have a dream school, go for it! Don’t settle for anything less until you see that final list of admitted applicants. If you do get in, it will be your constant motivation to stay no matter how challenging it gets. Remember, you are in your dream school, and you will always be proud to be there! (True for me!)

The university is highly subsidized by the government, so our tuition fee is definitely more affordable.

To give you an idea, there are three categories. The lowest paying students are the registered Manila voters (hence, Manila residents) and graduates of public Manila universities like PLM and UP Manila. They pay around P11,000 per semester. If you’re a Manila voter but you graduated elsewhere, you pay a little higher, around P22,000. The non-Manila voters (hence, probably non Manila taxpayers) pay the highest, which is up to around P70,000.

I’d rather be explicit than vague this time – for this sem, I paid P22,207 because I’m a true-blue MANILA GURL. (Manila born, Manila resident, Manila graduate, Manila voter, Manila bay.. ay mali)

This is another reason why I work so hard. I owe it not just to my parents but to all the Manila taxpayers who may not yet really know where their money is going. Para po alam niyo, yung mga magagaling na doktor sa OM, kayo po ang nagpaaral sa kanilla. Salamat!

The scholarship is only guaranteed for the first year, unless you maintain a GWA of 2.5. That’s around 79-80, with the passing rate of 75. Frankly, a lot of people don’t get to renew their scholarship for the next year. That is so far my greatest fear, because unfortunately that’s just as good as getting kicked out for me. πŸ™ That’s why people here are very determined and grade conscious for a reason. Dito hindi tinutukso ang mga GC!

So much che che bureche, and now we’re at the part I promised. I got this from the office last week when I noticed that undergrads are starting to inquire already. Please be guided! Everything is here, really :))

Click here to download the application guide. [PDF attachment]

PLM is strict with the required pre-med units. If you’re a serious applicant, take the required supplemental subjects in the summer – even before your admission is guaranteed. There’s really no choice because you have to complete your units before the first day of classes.

With regards to the Manila Voter’s ID, it’s only to prove that you’re a Manila resident eligible for the subsidies I mentioned above. If you’re from Manila but you’re not registered with COMELEC, I don’t think they’ll give you the tuition subsidy this year. If you’re not a Manila resident, you don’t have to submit a voter’s ID if you don’t have one. You’ll have to pay the highest category.

(P.S. This is why I keep telling people to register for the elections! It’s a government ID needed in many application processes!)

MCAT was harder than NMAT, or maybe I was just more pressured. We never found out our scores because they didn’t release it like we expected. Review for it so you don’t regret anything.

The interview was substantial too. I don’t want to divulge the questions here because I want to respect the integrity of the system. (Chos) Just practice how you would approach the usual questions, and try to recollect your personal life experiences, good and bad. They should have taught you something. I must say, my previous interviews with other med schools prepared me for this moment. (Pang-practice lang talaga sila, sa PLM ko gusto e! Haha.)

It’s already a given that you have to study a lot. As long as you work out a system with your classmates regarding sharing notes, group works and meeting deadlines, you won’t get lost. You’ll find that tablets, Dropbox and Facebook are all pro-student platforms of technology.

I find it helpful though that in PLM, at least for first years, one weekday is dedicated to one major subject only. For example, Mondays are for Gross Anatomy – a lecture in the morning and lab dissection in the afternoon. I think this is particularly helpful, because at least we don’t have to worry about other subjects during the day (and more importantly, the night before!)

There are also other extra-curricular activities to look forward to, because despite the small population of the college, the student orgs are very active!

Look! I won! :))

Look Mama I won! :))

And also, you’ll be surprised to find that the facilities are enough. Med classrooms have ACs and projectors. There’s even a library for exclusive use of med students. There’s also a coffee vending machine down the stairs. I think that’s all I’ll ever need from an institution.

The college releases the first batch of admitted students way later than the other med schools. Some are forced to pay the confirmation fee in other med schools for back-up. I didn’t. The moment I learned about the program, it was PLM or nothing for me. I just prayed and prayed. Then in the middle of finalizing our thesis, I learned I got on the first list. I cried. All of a sudden, my life had direction again. Ganong level.

Naturally, not everyone will confirm their slots. This could be a way to really sift through the candidates and determine the ones who really want to be in PLM. So, wait for that call. Don’t give up if you really want it, and if you believe you still have a shot. My classmate missed the first week of school, said the college called him VERY late.

Not too late, you see. πŸ™‚

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290 thoughts on “For PLM College of Medicine Aspirants

  • Jo-Ann

    Hi Ms. Aura! Tanong ko lang po yung about sa MCAT, how will you know if you passed the exam? Is there any retake for MCAT if you failed the first time? Thanks.

  • ces

    Hello! I really want to go to PLM. Nag-aalala lang ako kasi may failed subjects ako sa dati kong university. Pero when i transferred na sa uni ko now, superokay ng grades ko. I went through a phase kasi before. Pero i made up for it naman when i started anew in my new uni. May I ask if do you think they will still consider my failed grades in my former university kahit na sa ibang univ naman ako gagraduate ng premed course ko? πŸ™‚ I hope you can reply! Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Paano po malalaman kung makakapasok ka sa PLM? (Kelangan po ba sobrang matataas ang GWA, MCAT and NMAT? And non manila resident po ako, priority po ba yung mga taga-manila?) Last daw po magrelease ng result ang PLM huhuhuh so if ever natanggap na ako sa ibang univ (na gusto ng parents ko huhu), kailangan ko silang idecline for PLM (okay lang kasi the best naman plm) pero huhuhuhu nakakatakot yung waiting part, ganon po ba talaga?

  • Anonymous

    Paano po malalaman kung makakapasok ka sa PLM? (Kelangan po ba sobrang matataas ang GWA, MCAT and NMAT? And non manila resident po ako, priority po ba yung mga taga-manila?) Last daw po magrelease ng result ang PLM huhuhuh so if ever natanggap na ako sa ibang univ, kailangan ko silang idecline for PLM (okay lang kasi the best naman plm) pero huhuhuhu nakakatakot yung waiting part, ganon po ba talaga?

  • Anonymous

    Hello po! How about students with latin honors po in college though di nag graduate sa manila? May scholarship for them ba? Also pwede bang after graduation in college di muna mag med? I mean, pwede pa ba yung scholarship after nun? Thank you!

  • Meritissimus140


    Are there any instances that PLM would allow a non science graduate to enroll MED?
    I’ve seen the requirements 35 units breakdown as follows
    Sciences… … … . . . 35 units distributed as:
    (1) Chemistry…… …10 units as:
    (2) NaturalSciences 15 units
    (3) Physics … … . 5 units
    (4) Microbiology or Elem. Genetics

    So far, i don’t have any other science subject (when i was in college). other than Physical Chemistry 3 units. Psychology 3 units. Biology 3 units.

    How bad na gusto ko mag Med but then thinking na ang dami pa palang kulang na subjects.
    Btw im planning to take NMAT next year. hmmn mukang kailangan ko muna i sure ang mga requirements before taking NMAT since the result only lasts for 2 years.

  • Era

    Hi ms. Aura

    I am a graduating student of BS Pharmacy. Itatanong ko lang po if tumatanggap po ba ang PLM ng may gwa na 2.0? Nmat sa oct pa po kasi. Worst case, paano po pag 60 or 50 ang nmat score. Are they still accepting?

  • Queen

    Hi! I just want to ask if it is possible to study in PLM ng med while working.. Kasi Hindi na ako isposponsor ng parents ko after college hahahaha so I really need to earn. Thanks in advance! πŸ™‚

    • Aura Post author

      Hmm it depends sa work mo and how much you earn but honestly I don’t think any of my classmates have done that. 8-5pm we’re in school everyday and the rest of the time we’re studying. Some worked first, nag-ipon, then nag med school. πŸ™‚

  • Michael Joseph B. Penamora

    Hi there,

    I’m a graduate of BS Nursing in 2009 and currently working abroad but willing to go back to the Philippines to study Medicine in PLM. I’ am not a Manila resident (not Manila registered voter as well) but planning to transfer my voter’s registration in Manila. Can I still avail the scholarship once I got my Manila Voter’s ID? By the way, I graduated Cum Laude as well.

  • Sherlocked

    Hello po! Do you have classmates po ba who got an average NMAT score in the range of 60-65% but were accepted in PLM and a GWA of 1.8? ? I have high hopes po kasi na ma admit sa PLM. Yun lang po kasi afford namin. Thank you. 😊

  • Eun Hye

    Hi. I would like to ask if PLM still does the process where they first accommodate the batch of the accepted applicants with no deficiencies or it has been fixed already? Because I read this blog where she just attended class after a week when the classes started.

  • Christian

    Hello Ms. Aura!

    Thank you sa info!! :)) Pero just to be clear with it, if I am not from manila then I don’t have to pass the following requirements? the voters ID, Student’s Residence Certificate and Baranggay clearance? Thanks! :))

  • Aura reyes

    Hello po Doc Aura

    Tho same tayo ng name, and ang cool haha. Naghahanap po ako ngayon ng med school and alam ko po ok sa PLM, i’ll try my best para makapagaral sa plm, kaso may bagsak po akong isang major subject nung undergrad ako, wala na po ba akong pag-asang matanggap?

  • aerish

    hi po, tanong ko lang po kung hanggang oki lang po ung nmat results from 2011 for sy2015? o dapat n po akong mag-take ng bago? :O
    medyo worried ako at hindi na ako confident sa pagsagot ng nmat >A<

  • Hannah

    Hello po πŸ™‚ Tanong ko lang po kung kailangan maipakita mo sa kanila (sa interview) na may leadership capabilities ka? Mahalaga po ba na marami ka nasalihan na contests or orgs? Another question po, about sa NMAT kasi I only got 74, should I retake it? Will it give me a higher chance to get in? Last, any other advices that I should take para sa interview?

      • Hannah

        uhm, tanungin ko na lang po yung about sa kulang ko na units hehe I still need 2 units of Physics and Microbiology(?) Paano po yun? Should I really take it before magpasa ng req or pwede sa summer po? Feel ko po kasi hindi ko masisiksik sa units ko this upcoming sem since bawal din kami magoverload.

        • Aura Azarcon Post author

          Take your units and finish it BEFORE confirmation/enrollment by May. You can send your application on January and say to follow na lang yung supplementals. I wrote a separate article for interview tips so you might find that useful. πŸ™‚

          • Hannah

            Yes, I have seen the link. Marami pong salamat. I hope I can meet you in person and personally thank you. Don’t get tired of answering our questions and God Bless. Hwaiting ))

  • Laila Mondiga

    Hello po Ms. Aura

    I am planning to take up med next year. Hopefully makapasok ako sa PLM CM. Itatanong ko lang po kung advisable pa kay na mag take ulit ako ng NMAT? 89 po ang nakuha ko noong first time na nagtake ako. Yung GWA ko naman mababa lang 2.20. Iniisip ko kung practical pa bang umulit ng NMAT kasi dagdag gastos at time fo review na naman iyon. Thank you po in advance πŸ™‚

    • Aura Azarcon Post author

      Hmm. If you have the means, go take another shot. Some of my classmates got a lower score than you though, yet they’re here in PLM. Don’t know about their GWA, entrance exam, and interview though. Those are important factors too.

  • Sittih

    Hi ate Aura, I would like to ask if ever may mga muslims(hijabee) din na nag aaral ng med sa PLM?
    Nakakapasok pa rin ba sa PLM kahit hindi latin honor grad nung premed years?

      • Sittih

        Yey! Thanks ate Aura πŸ™‚ I’m planning to apply next year, what if po pag may tres sa premed subj. okay pa rin po ba mag apply as long as 2.50 ang GWA?

  • Clarence

    hi! are they really strict about their requirement that you shouldn’t have failed a subject in your undergrad pre-med course? or is it arbitrary?please reply thanks! πŸ™‚

  • Liezel

    Hello po. I am a graduate of BS Applied Math but I really want to become a doctor of medicine pero dahil sa scholarship na nakuha ko nuon kaya nag-App Math na lang po ako at di na ako nag-premed course. May I know if pwede pa rin po ba akong makapasok sa med school kahit math ang undergraduate ko? Sa awa po ng Diyos, wala naman po akong failing grades. Salamat po. God bless πŸ™‚

    • Aura Azarcon Post author

      Yes since you have a BS degree…. but you definitely have to enrol in the required basic sciences. Check the units required and have your TOR evaluated. πŸ™‚

  • evelyn

    Hi there everyone!
    Hello, Aurora!
    Yes, I am one of those aspirants. Your blog is definitely helpful. almost of my queries were answered but, I still have few questions regarding to the application. Well, if I may ask, when is the beginning of the school because I’m still undergrad and I’m graduating on october. Is it possible to enroll on the november(2nd sem)? or should it be on june (1st sem)? You know I’m not getting any younger, hehe kaya gusto ko derederecho na sa pag ienroll ng med. para walang tambay. Thank you really much! πŸ™‚

  • Kimberly Perla

    Hello. I’m incoming 4th year this school year taking BS Biology. I was wondering if they have scholarships for students with Latin honors? Unfortunately, I’m from Visayas. And also, I haven’t taken the NMAT yet, but I’m planning this December. So may I ask if, when can I start processing for admission? Thank you πŸ™‚

      • Almira

        Hi Ms. Aura! πŸ™‚ I am an incoming 4th year Biology student. Ever since I was a kid it has already been my ardent desire to be a doctor. First year college ako nung mas lalo akong na-inspire mag-med. Nagaaral ako sa UST dream school ko to ever since kasi lumaki ako na UST ang nakilala kong ang best med school. Kaso nga lang, hindi po kami mayaman para mapagaral ako ng parents ko ng med. Naniniwala ako na walang imposible until 2nd year college ako ng mainspire ako sa pagpasok sa PLM. As early as now, inaayos ko ang lahat ng requirements ko kasi sobrang dream ko na talaga ngayon na magmed sa PLM. Sobrang nagpepray ako na makapasok sa PLM. Gusto ko ring magthank you kasi sa mga tulad ko na sobrang nagaaspire na makapasok sa PLM med, sobrang helpful ng blog na to. Sobrang thank you po. I want to be your friend. Thank you for inspiring me πŸ™‚

  • Hailey San Pedro

    Hello, Ms. Aura! Your blog is very helpful for med students aspirants like me πŸ™‚ I’ll be graduating next year, and I’m kind of worried with my GWA. It’s not that high compared to those graduating with Latin honors. It’s probably between 2.00-2.25 and I’m worried it won’t be enough since competition is getting tough. Just wanna know if you know some who got in with such GWA. Just a little midnight hits I’m thinking about. Haha. Anyway, good luck on everything Ms. Aura, and keep it good! πŸ™‚

    • evelyn

      Hi Hailey!
      I think we’re both graduating next year and so I wanted to ask if you are really sure about med shool right after the graduation? Because if you do, I wanted to keep in touch with you or maybe we could get along πŸ™‚ you know, we could be buddy during the application and better too if we could do the review together? Thanks!

  • SheG

    Hello po ma’am, I’m from PLM-CPT po. I’m not a manila resident po kasi, possible po ba makakuha ako ng scholarship? Thanks ma’am πŸ™‚

  • KP

    Hi ate, once po ba na category 3 ka, forever na yun? O pwede pa naman ipabago ang status nyo after a sem? hehe. And also, naglalabas po ba ng second list ang PLM CM? Tumatanggap po ba sila ng reconsideration letters etc. once na di accepted yung applicant na gusto talaga dun magmed. Thanks! πŸ™‚

    • Aura Azarcon Post author

      If you get really good grades on your first year, you can get a 50% off or a FULL scholarship the following year. For example, our top 2 students in the batch got a CGPA of 1.75 or higher at the end of first year, so they’re getting a free ride this year πŸ™‚ (well sans the miscellaneous fees)

      They don’t post a second “list” … but they call people until around 140 people confirm to comprise the first year batch. They don’t require a reconsideration letter, as in there’s no official process for it.. but some people still give. πŸ™‚

  • J

    Hi ate! Just wondering, what if po I’m a non-manila resident, Category IV during the first year, and then I managed to reach the maintaining grade, may scholarship pa po ba during the 2nd year?

  • janine

    hello po, i’ve read po na dapat walang history of dropping from another med school. well im currently a med student 1st year and im planning to apply sana for sy 2014-2015 as a first year ulit, do you think pede po ako? wala naman ako bagsak currently at plano ko naman tapusin ang 1st year ko samin.,

    one more thing, mejo malayo kase ako, around 12 hours byahe bago manila, so i was wondering if 1 day lang ba ung pagpasa ng requirements at pag evaluate niila ng tor o kailangan pa bumalik balik? mejo conflict kase sa sked ko πŸ™

  • Bien Singcol

    Hi po!

    Just a very big question, may nakakalusot po ba dun sa bago nilang rule na no failure in the undergraduate degree? Huhuhu. :/ Or may chance kahit hindi naman major? Or wala na talagang pag-asang makapasok? :/

  • Stephen Miniano

    Hello po Ms. Aura, ako po ay isang UST student na may balak pong magapply for PLM this incoming school year, ang pinaka-dilemma ko po ay iba po yung mailing address ko sa home address ko kasi po yung mailing address na ginamit ko for NMAT result ay yung sa tito ko na dito rin po nakatira sa manila, samantalang yung home address ko po ay sa may Tondo, ginawa ko po yun kasi natakot po akong baka mawala yung NMAT result ko kasi po medyo sa may looban po kami ng Tondo. Ok lang po ba yun? Salamat po

    • Jerome

      another question ma’am.. i am applying for sy 2014-2015, can i take the required units in PLM also this summer of 2014 after my application is filed this january?

  • Ar

    Hi ate, thank you po pala sa blog mo na to, it inspired me more na mag PLM ako. hehe, Favor lang po, would you mind comparing PLM’s way of teaching to other school?? Kasi maynagsabi sakin na UP style sila and that made me nervous. HAHA! πŸ™‚ Tsaka po pala, sabi po sa requirments, dalawang good moral ang kelangan with different signees, pano po pag ung school d nagbibigay ng ganun? I mean sa school po kasi namin ung dean of student affairs lang ung pumipirma, wala ng iba, pwde po bang endorsement na lang from the dean? Salamat po ng marami! πŸ™‚

    PS. A friend of mine, studying also in PLM, asked me to like a picture, a contest something, and I saw your’s there, ni-like ko na rin. Hehehe. πŸ™‚

    • Aura Azarcon Post author

      Hmm I can’t really speak for other schools huhu basta PLM offers a mix of traditional and problem based learning, so we have lectures (where teachers give the info) and we have case discussions/seminar reports (where students research then give the info).

      For the good moral, ganyan din samin before. One good moral certificate lang from the Discipline Office. So I asked our college dean for a recommendation letter instead.

      P.S. Hahaha thanks yeah that was for Ms. Med! :)))))

  • quitethequaintrelle

    hello po πŸ™‚ san po ba pwede mag-take-up ng kulang na units? undergrad po ako sa plm, tanong ko lang po kung pwede sa plm din mag-take ng kulang ko, kahit pa full na yung payment. may checklist po ba kayo or kahit ano ng mga prefferable/required units in taking up med? nobela -__- sori po πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ xx

  • jablecter

    Hi Ate, thank you po talaga for this post. Uhm magtatanong lang po sana ako regarding the interview, like, what to expect na questions, ganun. Also Ate I heard from someone na last year’s MCAT was just a “dummy exam” and a “mere formality”, and that the criteria for acceptance will be solely based on the NMAT. When I heard that, nalungkot po talaga ako, kasi may NMAT is 75, and my GWA is just a little bit higher than the required minimum. So I was really hoping to compensate on the MCAT and interview. Anyway I’m still hopingto be accepted, so I really want to prepare for the interview as in talagang readyng ready! Haha. So yun nga po, if you have any tips for the interview? And for the MCAT na rin.. Thank you po talaga!

    PS I’m very very sorry that my query turned into a rant/story telling thingie! I’ll patiently wait for a reply. πŸ˜€ THANK YOU SO MUCH!

      • Aura Azarcon Post author

        When I took the MCAT two years ago, it was like a harder NMAT. I forgot the subjects included. πŸ™

        Then I heard from the first years that their MCAT was shorter and easier, unlike the test my batch took. It was more of a general knowledge exam, an IQ test even.

        I asked how the MCAT is going to be this year. They said it depends on the people who will win the bid to give the entrance exam. WEIIIIRRDDD.

  • Bliss

    Ate aura natapos ko na po yung supplemental units ko sa physics. Tanong ko po, ano po ang ipapasa ko sa plm as proof na natake ko na po sia. Thanks po m

  • pat

    hello! i’m planning to apply for the school year 2014-2015. kumpleto ko na lahat ng requirements, except for the voters registration. okay lang ba na to follow na lang yun or talagang needed na yun pag nagpasa na ng application?

  • Lady Janine deGuzman (@eninajydal)

    Hi po. I’m planning sana to enroll sa PLM this coming June 2014. i took my first NMAT exam December 2012. pasok naman siya. however, gusto ko po sanang mag take ulit para mas mataas. pero di ako nakahabol sa application NMAT this december. kelan po ba deadline ng aplication sa PLM? thanks po. GOD BLESS

  • karla

    hi ate! just wanna ask kung may bearing ba yun pag manila born or none at all and yung voter’s id talaga ang important? and also, nabasa ko po na Biology pre-med course mo. can you tell me more about the pros and cons of having it as a pre-med course? πŸ™‚

    • Aura Azarcon Post author

      It wasn’t explicitly included in the admissions criteria that you have an “edge” if you are a Manila baby or Manila voter.

      Biology pros – you are used to memorizing, concepts are familiar and therefore easier to grasp, and you’ll be a natural at using microscopes and handling lab animals.

      Biology cons – no hospital experience

  • herbie novero

    hello I am just wondering if a student like me from plm could be categorized or classified in the the category no..2 even if I’m originally a manila resident?

  • Laylalalala

    hi! thanks for your blog, it really helped me. i was just wondering, i’m a up manila student from visayas, not a registered manila voter and i’m planning on taking my chances at PLM. if ever i get accepted, how much tuition fee would i be paying? does registering for a manila voter’s id helps in lowering the fees?

  • blez

    Hi.. I would just like to ask if I’d still be able to apply for the scholarship since I’m currently residing in Marikina. I’m a medtech and I’d really want to pursue medicine; however, my sisters could not afford to enroll me in a medical school and my father is no longer financing my studies since college.. Can you advise me something about the scholarship and what options can I do? Really need your help. THANK YOU!

  • cleymont


    I just want to ask if my na-set na pong deadline of application sa plm college of med for s.y. 2014-2015. i’ll highly appreciate your reply. thank you. πŸ™‚

  • Trio3

    Hi. Kulng po ako ng at keast 2 units sa physics. I have enrolled this first semester for grneral physics lecture na 3 units. Will that suffice po or kylngan na mas advanced physics ang kukunin po? Thanks and Godbless.

  • Em

    Hi, I hope someone will be able to answer my question.. Anyway, I saw on their website na new criteria for admission ang walang failure sa kahit anong subject ng undergrad na course, however, I repeated physics back then (I hate the subj kahit nung HS pa lol).. So, does this mean, sa pagpapa-evaluate pa lang wala ng pag asa? I have some other questions pa pero eto kasi yung pinakagusto kong malaman.. I’m an RN and I’ve been thinking of pursuing medicine sana but it wasn’t until this year kasi that I’ve made up my mind T_T

    Thank you in advance!

        • Dan

          Hello. Im from UPLB and I got 5 in one of my PE subjects because I did not remove my grade of INC (incomplete) in time. This is the only subject that I got 5.tssssk So I just want to ask if there is a chance that I will still be admitted to PLM considering that PE is a non-academic subject? Thank you for your response. God bless. :d

  • Gester

    hi, thankz sa napakahelpful na blog. PT graduate ako, sa Universidad de Manila, malapit jan sa PLM, ask ko lang po kung pde ako magpaevaluate anytime jan sa PLM? Nasa neva ecija kse ako ngaun, tnx

  • Mah

    Hi, Ms. Aura! Your blog has been very helpful. Can I ask for just little help? hihi.
    You have mentioned in one of your replies that it would be very helpful (with regards to fee) if we register as Manila voter and resident…

    I can have a Manila address to use..
    i just have to secure the following (from PLM website):

    Β» Manila Voter’s ID/Voter’s Certification issued by the COMELEC
    Β» Student’s residence certificate (cedula)
    Β» Baranggay Clearance in the place of residence
    Β» NBI Clearance
    Β» Any other document to prove Manila residency
    Β» Parent’s latest Income Tax Return (ITR) and/or Affidavit of Support and ITR of benefactor

    So here are my questions (sorry po marami):
    1. Do we have to use na po ung Manila address to secure ung mga NBI clearance, and other form po na may address to fill-up?
    2. Dun po sa Β» Any other document to prove Manila residency, ano pa po ba ung pwedeng ipakita na docs?
    3. In ITR, di po ba magrereflect ung address nung benefactor? would that give us in na hindi talaga kami resident? hehe
    4. Gaano po ba katagal ung stay sa Manila para maturing na Manila resident?

    Hope you would have time to answer my long inquiry. Sorry, I’m such a bother. And, thank you in advance! God bless. πŸ˜€

    • ann


      I hope makatulong…

      1. Yes you have to use a Manila address sa documents na required ng PLM CM if gusto mo ma-categorized under Cat II.
      2. Pwede daw ang Police Clearance.
      4. At least 6 months.

      God bless.

    • ann

      sure no problem πŸ™‚
      sinubukan ko isearch name mo sa fb and i tried sending a PM, ikaw nga ba yun? hahaha!
      nakakahiya na kasi kay miss aura azarcon, super haba na ng conversation natin dito.

  • Emmagine Eyana

    Hello! Good Evening! I believe you can help me po with my dilemma ngayon. My tanong po sana ako. Gustong gusto ko po mag aral ng med sa PLM. How much is the NMAT percentile needed po para mka enroll sa PLM? nxt year po sana ako mag aaral ehh.. Salamat po..

  • Ram

    Hi! I’m not a registered voter although I’ve studied and graduated at a private university here in Manila. Will I perhaps be entitled to any of the aforementioned grants/discounts/lesser tuition? πŸ™

  • ann

    Hi, do you have any idea kung saang school ko maaaring i-take yung required na additional units?
    Thank you so much and God bless.

  • Marsy

    Hello po! I am planning to apply at PLM CM for AY 2014-2015. Maitanong ko lang po kung paano po kung wala akong manila voters id? Hindi na po ba ako pdeng maging cat 2? Kasi aside po dun sa voters id, lahat nman po na-achieve ko na. Haha. Manila born and manila resident. πŸ™‚ thank you po. More powers!

    • Aura Azarcon Post author

      The voters id is the strict requirement, cos that will prove you are a registered Manila resident. Find a way to transfer your precint before next year’s application period. πŸ™‚

  • RRtwinnyninny

    Hi ate. May i just ask (kasi di pa ako nakapag NMAT) if til kelan po ang deadline ng admissions for 2013-2014. Thanks. And kung magkanu nadin po per year sa PLM? Tuition kasi ang isa sa biggest factors sa pagmemed. Haay. Thanks po in advance.

  • Ezurn

    Hello po,, just wanna ask whether they are evaluating the TOR po for whole year round? hehe,, I am planning to enter the CM for the school year 2014-2015 but as early as now, i am completing the requirements na po para no hassle na when time comes. I am having trouble with the units kasi for sciences coz it says there that 35 units are required. 5 units for physics and at least 5 for gross anatomy and physiology. Eh meron akong 7 units ng gross ana and physio but only 3 in physics, will my extra units in ana and physio compensate po kaya for my lacking physics units? hehe,, thanks in advance po,,

    • Aura Azarcon Post author

      I think they’ll evaluate your TOR naman, just ask nicely and say you want to take your subjects while you’re still enrolled. But hmm, I think you’ll be required to have 5 units of physics talaga – no “compensating” like what you described.

  • Amer Domado

    HI Aura Azarcon. Im a fresh graduate in Mindanao State University, BS ZOOLOGY last april 2013. ask ko lang na.late kc ako mag.apply. when ang start ng next application sana? And i hav an NMAT of 43. mababa maxado. 45 or 40 ba ang kelangan? magtake ako ulit ng nmat by december. okay lang db? Good thing wala akong bagsak. hehe.

    btw, ur blog is very helpful! THANK YOU for d infos! inspired ako maxado. PLM kc number one choice ko.

    and senior ko pala si ate Potre Alawi. idk if kilala mo xa. kabatch mo ata kc jan.

    God bless!

    • Aura Azarcon Post author

      Application for next school year will start around October or Nvember this year. You can apply in January or as soon as you get your Dec 2013 NMAT score. Most people who take it again get higher scores πŸ™‚ P.S. yup potz? She’s goiing to be my classmate this school year!

  • yshatorres

    Hi ate,your blog is way more helpful than the other blogs I’ve read. πŸ™‚ Good job! Anyway I’m an incoming 4th year high school student and trying to find out which path to take up in college since I’ve got few more months left to get myself ready for entrance exams. I actually have a lot of things that bug me at the moment and thanks to your blog. πŸ™‚ Hmm I want to know if you were an achiever way back in high school cos I’m just an average student who sometimes think that med doesn’t suit me cos I don’t think I can. (stuffs like that) Am I supposed to become a science genius first? Or is it fine if I remain still? πŸ™‚ If ever I pursue this field, what pre-med course will you suggest? Thank you ate.

    • Aura Azarcon Post author

      In high school, I got good grades but science was my weakest subject. So, nope, you don’t have to be a science genius. Just keep your grades up and involvements significant so you can get admitted to your dream university / college.

      For my pre-med, I took up BS Biology. I’d recommend it not because it will teach you a few advance lessons for first year med (it will, but you will FORGET after the vacation for sure) … but because it will teach you how to STUDY. Studying is a skill that you have to master before you enter med.

      (And also, if you take up Bio, you will have earned all the required units to enter any med school already so no need for supplemental subjects in the summer. Do you even understand that already? Haha woops)

      You can also consider taking up allied health courses such as Nursing, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy and Med Tech. My classmates with those pre-meds have some advanced skillz and medical jargon going on. They can even threaten to leave med when things get impossibly tough and have a whole other professional career waiting for them. Always helpful.

      My gosh, enjoy high school first. Haha.

  • jjearkwein

    Hi. your blog has been very helpful.
    Do you happen to know how much would a cat.3(+medfund) would cost per sem? and how much would the books cost(basics and other references)

  • Appleshayne

    hey, gudam!im a nurse and currently working abroad and i’m planning to take up med next year..ask ko lng if every when and MCAT?have to plan my vacation para mafile ko..thanks much!godbless sa career

    • Aura Azarcon Post author

      Hi! Maybe you’re talking about NMAT. There’s one every April and December, but you must register online around a month before test date to be safe.

      MCAT naman was the test administered exclusively by PLM for its applicants only. Your schedule will be given once your application has been accepted. The MCAT date is around February.

  • Edgar Chyruss Crisostomo

    Hi ate. I’m currently a PT 5th year student, and I’m planning to take up medicine right after finishing my bachelors degree. Right now, I’m on duty with different rehab centers in Pampanga and Manila. Can I ask ate the required units needed for application? Thank you

  • Arpee

    Hi ate, Thanks for your reply. I have read one of your replies, you said that it is not possible for those who have failing grades during undergrad for application… i have kasi, but it’s not that failure na nagpabaya sa study ,it’s with t he prof.. lahat kami sa batch ko binagsak nya. (in fact, napatanggal na sya) hehe,..but he left us with red marks , and yun πŸ™ . can you confirm ate if i would still be given the chance for application??? . Like pwede ba sya bawiin sa int. and NMAT , MCAT score??? hoping.:( πŸ™ πŸ™

  • margie forca

    hello, very helpful itong blog mo…thank you…ask ko ulit sana kung ano ba ung med fund na sinasabi? thank you πŸ™‚

    • Aura Azarcon Post author

      Med fund is an additional “miscellaneous fee” pero mejo mabigat. It will depend on your parents’ ITR kung magkano ang med fund mo. From 6k – 12k ata siya. Funds collected from this will be used to buy stuff for the college of medicine specifically, like cadavers for Gross Anatomy with the cheapest at ~P30k each.

  • Kevin DueΓ±as

    Hello Ate, graduate po ako ng UP Manila, BS Bio. Hindi po competitive ang GWA ko pero 99+ ang NMAT ko. Nag-take po ako ng MCAT last March. Di ko po maiwasang magworry kasi ang dami ko pong classmates na laude na nag-apply pati pa po ng ibang schools. Makakapasok pa po kaya ako? πŸ™

    One more thing po, bakit po P22k ang tuition ninyo pero sabi ninyong Manila graduate, Manila resident at Manila voter kayo? Pera din po kasi isa pang problema. πŸ™

    Maraming Salamat po. πŸ˜€

    • Aura Azarcon Post author

      Hey the results will be out soon (DAPAT) so don’t be so anxious na. πŸ™‚ To be Category 1 (lowest tuition) you must be a Manila voter and a public Manila university graduate. I graduated from DLSU Manila, making me Cat 2. God bless! πŸ™‚

  • Cindy Cruz

    I’ve incurred one failure in Biochem during my undergrad year, have a not-so competitive GWA of 2.3 and an NMAT percentile rank of 83. I just want someone to really tell me on how much my chances are in getting into PLM. Basically slim to none right?

  • Marc Reyes

    hi ate:) aspirant med student po ako from batangas so for sure full paying po ang status ko (kung matatanggap sa 2014 hahaha) pano po ang terms ng payment sa PLM? ano yun per sem tas divided in ilang bayaran po??? tapos required po ba na bumili ng books? sabi kasi nila ang mahal daw po talaga ng Books eh:) salamat po

    • Aura Azarcon Post author

      Hi! For full paying students, may three installments per sem. For Cat 2 students naman like me, merong 2 installments. Walang strict schedule ng payments e. Ako I just make sure I pay on or before the end of the sem. I’m not sure what happens to those who aren’t able to meet the deadline.

      As for the books, yes they are super expensive! Better ask the upper batch what books are actually needed as in yung binabasa talaga for the exams or hindi enough yung trans / notes. For quick references kasi, you can just use the ebook version.

  • Anton Cedric

    54 po nakuha ko na percentile rank sa NMAT (april 7)..pinag-iisipan ko pa po if im going to take another chance this december, but andun po ung worry na bka lalo lang bumaba..

    kau po ba? ilang beses po kau nag-NMAT..ok na kaya po ung percentile rank ko? (based on your own and your classmates’ experience)

      • Anton cedric

        Maybe I’ll just take it again this december(though am nervous, kasi maraming taga-UP. 😊
        If you won’t mind saang range po andun ang naging NMAT SCORE nio ? Btw, Thank you po for the reply i really find it helpful..medyo hassle rin po kasi magbalik-balik sa Manila lalo na po at tga-batanas ako. Thank you again.

    • Aura Azarcon Post author

      Hi! I can still see your comment ah. And I replied too πŸ™‚

      ARPEE – Hi ate, nabuhayan ako ng loob sa blogs mo..BsBio grad ako not here in Manila, but im working here already as Biologist…Im thinking to go for med. and someone told me about PLM. So i did asked google and found you here (hehe). I am really looking for school na my mababang tuition for med.For clarification, if required pa rin ba na my NMAT ka, or take ka nalang ng MCAT. And cutoff scores ilan po?? thanks.

      MY REPLY – Hi! I’m happy to have inspired you in a way. Required na mag NMAT (cut-off score: 40). You also have to take the MCAT – an exam administered by PLM itself. God bless!

  • Arpee

    Hi ate, nabuhayan ako ng loob sa blogs mo..BsBio grad ako not here in Manila, but im working here already as Biologist…Im thinking to go for med. and someone told me about PLM. So i did asked google and found you here (hehe). I am really looking for school na my mababang tuition for med.For clarification, if required pa rin ba na my NMAT ka, or take ka nalang ng MCAT. And cutoff scores ilan po?? thanks.

  • JB

    Ate, I cannot emphasize how HELPFUL your post is!! Thank you talaga! Uhm, I want to apply to PLM CM but I am not a Manila resident (but I have an address I can use), I AM NOT a registered voter, and I am not a Manila graduate. Soooo… Am I qualified as an applicant? And if I am, then I have to pay around 70k per sem, right? Hehe just confirming po because I’m really clueless. Thank you talaga. πŸ™‚

    • Aura Azarcon Post author

      You are qualified as an applicant, and with your description you can be a Cat 3 scholar (~70k per sem).

      BUT you can still be a Cat 2 scholar like me! Just register at the Manila Comelec office probably after this year’s elections. Use your Manila address. Malaking tipid kasi.

      Glad this post is still helpful up to now! πŸ™‚

  • nads

    Hi πŸ™‚ nakakatuwa yungpost mo sobrang informative and nakaka inspire talaga lalo to go for MED school. btw, ask ko lang, kasi diba ang passing ng registration ay jan/Feb .by next year kung summer ako mag complete ng units tas jan ang pasahan pano yun? thanks

    • Aura Azarcon Post author

      You’re completing your units this summer, and would like to apply for school year 2014-2015 – tama ba? Just come by the College of Medicine office in PLM around December 2013 and they’ll give you a checklist, much like what I posted here. πŸ™‚

  • tito gary

    My niece is looking for affordable med school she’s now 4th yr bs pharma & magna cum laude standing, non-manila res., non-manila voter, her school outside manila. If she enter plm did she get entrance scholarships? Or still to pay the highest category?

    • Aura Azarcon Post author

      I’m not very familiar with the other entrance scholarships, sorry po. Have you considered transferring her voters ID to manila? Even a Manila condo/dorm address will do, or a relative’s house.

    • Karina Ledesma

      Hello! Those with latin honors have entrance scholarships. Cum laudes’ tuition fees would be more or less P22k. Meanwhile, summa and magna cum laudes who’ll get in will only need to pay the same amount as a full Manileno scholar (around P10k). Good luck to your niece!

      • tito gary

        Thanks! She’s now preparing for nov. 24, 2013 NMAT (this time, not december) anyway, she really wanted to pursue medicine and seeking for my financial help. So gooooo! My question: Does PLM accept graduating applicant? example if the deadline of submission of the requirements january 2014 by that time she got the nmat result and 3 1/2 years of her bs pharmacy including all required sujects. Last semester will be done march/april.

  • dt

    Hi! Currently a junior bio student of plm. Would like to know if itsokay to have my nmat on dec 2013 if im planning to apply in plm-cm by january2014?

  • Nika

    Hi! Would you happen to know how I can get a Mla voter’s ID? I’m not a Mla graduate but I’m already staying in Mla since last year or around 2011 after my bachelor’s degree.

    Hoping for your reply. Thank you!

    P.S. I was informed by PLM as I verified over the phone that the MCAT exam was again moved to March 3, 2013. Is it true?

    Thanks again!!! πŸ™‚

    • Aura Azarcon Post author

      Hi! πŸ™‚ Do you already have a voters ID from where you permanently live? If so, go there and request for a transfer, and then go to the Manila comelec office (near LRT central station) to apply for a Manila voters ID. Your condo / dorm address will do. But I’m not sure if they’re accepting applicants at the moment cos the deadline of registration was Oct 31 last year for this May’s local elections.

      And, MCAT date is now March 17. πŸ™‚

  • Aura Azarcon Post author

    ^^ oh good question. There are two interviewers, one after another. They could be at the cubicle at the same time though. But only one asks at a time. It’s a more intimate setup than a panel interview, but it’s still more formal.

      • Aura Azarcon Post author

        PLM follows the traditional form of learning (as opposed to problem-based). So that means we have lectures, complete with the powerpoints and quizzes after. Integrative na rin cos we seem to tackle the same body systems in different subjects at the same time. Like the digestive system recently, discussed siya sa Anatomy, Physiology and Biochem all at the same time, kind of. And we have interactive ways to learn too, like seminar reports, case discussions and lab conferences. Yun yung best way to learn so far, for me πŸ™‚

  • vigintiprimastella

    Thank you so much for this! I was the one who PMed you po pala about the pre-requisite units. Ang gulo po nila kasi I had my TOR evaluated many times already and they give different answers, sabi okay na, the next time hindi. But when I submitted, they gave the go signal and pinapabalik ako for the signing of the app form and payment of the MCAT fee.

    And sobrang small world lang but I think classmate mo si Ate Biel Faundo who is my kababayan and schoolmate in grade school and high school and Ate Mel Lucero, my college schoolmate. Haha

    Good luck and God bless po! πŸ™‚

    • Aura Azarcon Post author

      Yes. They don’t give application forms to those with failures. πŸ™ i’m not sure if it depends on the subject failed though so it’s best to have your TOR evaluated in the office. πŸ™‚

  • shielemar

    namomobrlema po ko sa good moral ko..coz they need 2 letters for good moral.ung sa school ko lng po meron ako,san pa po ako pwedeng kumuha?

    • Aura Azarcon Post author

      Welcome :> Only around 600 applied last year, and now there’s more or less 150 in our batch. Not a lot of peope apply cos there’s still a misconception that they only admit Manila residents. That’s true for the undergrads, but not for post-grad (med, law, masterals, etc)

      • bas

        applicants are increasing every year. during our time (2008), there were only around 300-400 applicants and 120+ were accepted. out of that, only 90+ graduated on time. some got delayed..some were kicked out…some just decided to quit.

        i guess that’s one of the secrets of PLM-CM’s success in the boards. the screening does not end in the admission. it goes on all throughout your 4 years in PLM med…and brains are not enough. you need to have wits, strong heart and enduring soul for you to survive. you’ll know what i mean when you get to clerkship.

        but when you get out of PLM, everyone admires you for being tough and diligent. We are well known for those characters. it was even mentioned in our post-graduate internship orientation at PGH:

        “ang mga taga-PLM, masisipag at walang reklamo.” (sic)

        that’s why interns from other schools are very delighted when there’s a PLM grad in their block.

        good luck guys! getting in is just the start. getting out is the toughest.

    • Aura Azarcon Post author

      I’m not sure if I’ve seen a breakdown/criteria stated explicitly anywhere, but it is safe to assume that your undergrad grades are most important. For me, the interview seemed very impt too, so take that seriously and use that chance to really stand out.

      • Camille

        ate aura! im 3rd yr. hs.
        ask ko lang po kung pano ako makakakuha ng full scholarship pag nag medicine ako since..muntinlupa resident ako..o kahit anong scholarship ..pano ako makakakuha nun..