Things I Should Have Done In My Clinical Clerkship Year

Clerkship is about to start for a lot of fresh meat este 4th year med students! I have a few tips for you based on the things I should’ve done (but mostly didn’t) when I was a clerk myself.

Make the most out of your final year in med school! It can be fun, memorable, and still high-yield if you apply the tips that I enumerate here.

In summary,
1) I should’ve taken down decent notes.
2) I should’ve mastered the common cases.
3) I should’ve left a good impression.
4) I should’ve take care of myself more.
5) I should’ve been more game.
6) I should’ve been more open-minded.
7) I should’ve been careful online.

Note that I trained in a public tertiary hospital where clerks do a lot of the leg work. Our experiences will surely vary, but everything I mentioned are generally applicable to any med student, no matter where you are in the world. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Things I Should Have Done In My Clinical Clerkship Year

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for the tips DoktAURA 😘I hope that I can apply these tips during the entire course of our clerkship ! Im ready to get myself embarassed hahaha but of course for the the purpose of learning. Waiting for your next vids 😍😍😍