Med School Stories

Med Students are Professional Study-ers!

I remember last year, one of our practical exams in Surgery was to  do sutures and ligatures – aka stitches and knots. I religiously practised steps 1 to 5 and came up with a decent knot on test day; but when the instructor asked me to do just step 4, I messed up! I couldn’t do it without starting from step 1!

Useless muscle memory, I tell you.

First practice sutures on a sponge!

First practice sutures on a sponge!


50 Ways To Take A Break

Randomly found this in Tumblr.

Randomly found this in Tumblr.

I tried sharing this to our section’s online group, but to no avail. Maybe you’ll find it useful!

We are still trying to adjust to the new kind of workload – cases, papers and group works week after week!

I tried meditating at 1:30 am last night, but got too relaxed that I fell asleep right after. So much for re-energizing for the rest of the night.

I can’t wait to get used to this.

3rd Year So Far!

Two weeks into third year and I think I have semi-adjusted to the sleeping schedule (or a lack thereof) of a med student again. We are the creatures who don’t fret upon seeing 10:06 pm on the clock. It means the night is young!

Well, it’s 10:07 now. Better get this procrastination over soon.

I remember telling my first year friends to just wait for second year and all will be better. I honestly found first year more mentally taxing than second year, despite the less amount of workload.


Surgical Mission with the PLM Brotherhood of Medical Scholars

Yesterday, I got to join the Brotherhood of Medical Scholars (BMS) in one of their surgical missions in Sta. Ana, Manila.

This was only my second time to join them, because even though Noe has been inviting me since first year, I always chickened out. (More on that in another post.)

Needless to say, it was a fruitful day of community service and learning. I love seeing those BMS boys in action! I need a lot more practice to catch up with them, but for now, I must admit I’m impressed! slow clap


To Doktora, To Me

This is to you doc, the one and only doctor who has made me cry ever since med school started. You questioned me for enrolling in this institution, which you believed was meant for deserving scholars who couldn’t afford med school elsewhere. 1) I myself cannot afford med school elsewhere, 2) I have always been a scholar, and 3) I deserve to be here. I came up on stage with my mom at the end of first year, so yes, that is more than enough proof that I deserve to be here.


Just Like That

They all said studying med will take too long, but honestly, once you’re in it, days come by just like that.

Yeah! Just like that, I’m done with 2nd year med!

The last two weeks had been a blur, mostly due to our body clocks that operated independently from nature’s night and day signals. I asked around, and most of us survived on this routine: