Summer Barbeque Year 2

So these are my best-est friends from grade school and high school.

Nathan, Jan, Otto and Erika, me, Pat, and Mika!

Nathan, Jan, Otto and Erika, me, Pat, and Mika!

Remember last year when I explicitly “hoped” to start a new barkada tradition? We did it again! Only this year, we had way more food than just barbeque.

"Congratulations to you. Condolences too."

What was supposed to be a family trip to Bacolod City for my first ever maid of honor stint turned out to be a series of sleepless nights and tearful moments for the first ever death in our family.

It’s been a week of love and loss – as we welcomed Vince as our new brother, and said goodbye to Kuya DJ, our eldest cousin. 🙁

Coming back to one of my favorite cities, I looked forward to all the cliff dives, cheesecake and chicken inasal my stomach could muster (aside from the wedding, of course); but not the news that my cousin would suffer a severe asthma attack and fall into a coma. No stomach could muster that.


Surprise Holiday

We don’t have classes until Friday this week (faculty team building + Chinese New Year); but they didn’t announce it until a few days ago.

Sayang! Now would have been a good time to hop on a plane (or a ship or a bus – don’t care!) My lucky boyfriend is going to Boracay with his whole family. He booked tickets even before the surprise holiday was announced! (Yung totoo parang hindi med student?!)


072812 With Much Love

Keep your short love notes.

One day, they will be your unintended time capsules.

They will take you back to a happy time, a difficult time – an unbelievable time when writing those short notes made one feel better, and the other feel best.

The Day I Turned Twenty One

I was browsing through my tags and found my birthday entry last year, so I was encouraged to write again for the same occasion. While I stayed true to my promise of “no more birthday parties from now on”, this year was still so surprisingly special.

I removed my birth date from Facebook a long time ago, maybe because I am anti-social that way, or admittedly also because I wanted to feel more special. I didn’t care about getting my wall flooded like in 2009. I hoped to receive a few thoughtful greetings from people who really remembered, and from those who would always and forever associate that April day with my name.

It was an act of vanity, and it worked. I got exactly what I wanted. Thank you! 🙂

The day started out quite normally. I went to school for my summer community service, wherein only one person would understand why I felt the need to blow dry my hair and put on lipstick that day. But of course, he also felt the need to make a scene in the middle of a clueless classroom. That was nice. 😛

This one was from my one and only July 22.

Count on the boyfriend to make you feel like the most byutipul girl on your birthday. ♥

That night, we had dinner at Chef’s Quarter, a nice restaurant we tried for the first time and all liked (for the first time!)

Incomplete family picture. Too bad my brother missed it!

Incomplete family picture. Too bad my brother missed it!


Thanks you two for convincing me to have a sleepover after!

The next day, we had our first ever summer barbeque and sleepover at Mika’s newly-renovated house. I have a feeling that if I insist hard enough, this can be an annual tradition for me and my high school best friends. *winkie winkie*

I must also say that this has been one of our funniest sleepovers in a while – maybe because we were all happily drunk and the small pool forced us to scream our secret “I’ve never’s”.

The hostess is not in the picture (or in any of the pictures!)

The hostess is not in the picture (or in any of the pictures!)

They say that as you grow old, your friends become less yet dear. I think I’ve happily known that for a while. I mean, there are now just a few dates with automatically-associated names in my head – most of them pictured above. But that’s okay. I guess I’m just old. 🙂

First of summer – road trip!

Me and my boyfriend in a tiny old car, on a long and straight road, under the sweltering summer heat. Freedom, at last!


We attended his little brother’s grade school graduation, in the school his family started in their home town. I’ve never been to a graduation ceremony that intimate and fun. When we arrived, students were being called on stage for their gold medals in javelin throw and journalism. I also noticed that the kids were seated between their parents the whole time. Even their class valedictorian’s speech was darling. I wish my grade school graduation could have been something like that.


Especially, since their formal ceremony was followed by a fun graduation party! While everyone was changing from togas into little suits and cocktail dresses, the organizers were transforming the venue to a dinner area and dance floor.

I love seeing Ogie with his big family. Look at him being Kuya Gie.


The program was so cute too. There was an AVP of their baby pictures followed by their #selfies in Facebook. Hahaha! They also gave out short speeches on what they wanted to be in the future. I wanted to be a news anchor back then. I was so convinced that Korina Sanchez would retire just in time for my reign.

Onto bigger adventures for the next two months. Hello world, I’m back!