This Means Everything To Me

Aura Azarcon and boyfriend Noe

Me and my boyfriend Noe during our 2012 BS Biology graduation, and our 2016 Doctor of Medicine Graduation. Achievement unlocked!

Choosing med school four years ago, and every day since then, was easy because of you. Thank you for never letting me go through it alone. Thank you for being my person. They have no idea. ♥

Meanwhile, While Re-watching HIMYM

You. Me. Cheesy. Easy.

You. Me. Cheesy. Easy.

Being in a couple is hard. And committing, making sacrifices; it’s hard. But if it’s the right person, then it’s easy. Looking at that girl and knowing she’s all you really want out of life, that should be the easiest thing in the world. And if it’s not like that, then she’s not the one.

Marshall from How I Met Your Mother, “The Wedding”

Peachy things

Three forever things I got from college:
1) A certain fondness for creepy invertebrates and glow-in-the-dark E. coli
2) My “La Zalle” reputation and all its repercussions
3) My BFF Peach

(My boyfriend Ogie too, but let’s try to focus on Peach. Hehe)

Dear Peachoo, I did not forget your birthday. I didn’t want to text / tweet / Viber because I wanted to write a blog post for you, BUT the cancer cells you saw on my laptop remained unlabeled, and there are like 672233 kinds of lymphoma that I had to read about for our big case presentation. In case you cared, we thought it was “Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma”, but it turned out to be some sort of rare “Kikuchi Disease”. We still nailed the report though.

Nonetheless, this post is dedicated to you!

Here are some nice Peachy things that I believe we have in common. She is:
1) A creative / efficient project manager
2) A low-maintenance traveler
3) A wise budget manager
4) An expert “Imma drink til I’m happy and stop before I’m wasted” drinker
5) A Taylor Swift + Ed Sheeran shipper

And for that, we are friends.

But here are some nicer Peachy things that I’m not, but I want to be:
1) She’s independent.
2) She’s assertive when she knows she’s right (and she usually is).
3) She’s professional (heels, work-attitude and all).
4) She knows how to cook tinola, adobo, and tacos. (What else girl text me hahaha)
5) And … she’s one exam away from being a professional diver.

And for that, we still have to be friends. The “no matter where you are XX years from now, I expect you at the front row of my wedding” kind of friends. 🙂

TALLY! # of consecutive Peachy birthdays we were present at -- Aura (6); Ogie (4); Pierre (3)

TALLY! # of consecutive Peachy birthdays we were present at — Aura (6); Ogie (4); Pierre (3). I win! 

P.S. Belated happy birthday!

No To Burnout

Our workload has been hella crazy, but I’m not complaining. I’ve been a med student long enough to know when to chug down coffee and put my game on, and when to drop the last remaining unread transes and surrender to my bed.

Also, a very recent change of heart got me saying yes to weekends off with my high school friends – for two consecutive Saturdays! What a feat for someone who looked forward to weekends to catch up on sleep!


All huggy when buzzed nyahaha


One of my oldest friends, who bravely ditched law school to go after what she really wants. 🙂


Proud of our friendy Mika, certified public accountant!

And P.S. The less people you chill with, the less bullshit you deal with.


I’ve had this entry drafted for weeks, and I even called it “Pause” because that was all I wanted to do. In the midst of all the exams and papers, and bad weather that postponed all the exams and papers – I didn’t find it in me to just pause.

I didn’t intend this extended blog hiatus, and I’m sorry. Not because I need to keep my current readers updated with my life all the time – no, this is not 2005. I’m sorry because my future reader (singular, yes) will have forgotten how hectic 3rd year was, or will have never even noticed that she allowed it to devour her whole.

I do NOT want that to happen. Pause.


Summer Barbeque Year 2

So these are my best-est friends from grade school and high school.

Nathan, Jan, Otto and Erika, me, Pat, and Mika!

Nathan, Jan, Otto and Erika, me, Pat, and Mika!

Remember last year when I explicitly “hoped” to start a new barkada tradition? We did it again! Only this year, we had way more food than just barbeque.