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Bloggers United 13 Manila – My First Time!

Bloggers United – At Last!

As you know, I’ve been blogging for YEARS, but this is my first time to join the biggest event for bloggers here in the Philippines. What do you know? Maybe the thirteenth time’s the charm!

Sharing with you a few pictures from my first ever Bloggers United Bazaar last June 3, 2017 at Whitespace Makati.


Five Reasons You Should Absolutely Try Glamping Now

I’d be lying if I said this is what our weekends-off from the hospital usually look like. But why not, right?

aura azarcon boyfriend

Especially if our one and only weekend off that coincided fell right in the week of our anniversary. (We are from different hospitals and have different duty schedules huhu!) Party party!! Congrats to us besh.. I mean babe lol ๐Ÿ™‚ High five!

[Quick story] 15 minutes before I was supposed to be let off from duty, and as Noe was already on his way to pick me up for our trip, I suddenly had to scrub in in an emergency caesarian section due to placenta previa. Unfortunately my reliever wasn’t there yet, and who am I to say no to a bleeding patient? ๐Ÿ™ Of course I was just quiet about it during the whole operation, but deep inside I wanted to cry. Hahaha. Is this the life we’re getting ourselves into?

Good thing our resident doctors handled that case very well, and I was able to scrub out after an hour.

It was also raining very hard that morning, and even the resort already advised us to postpone our trip. But like what I said, our schedules hardly match, and like what he said, “there are no bad days”, so…


Despite the weather forecast, we pushed through with our road trip down south and tried glamping for the first time.

Mind you, we’ve been to legit camping trips a ย few times in the past (throwback – Potipot Island, Zambales) and we both love it. But when we spotted a random Facebook post about Casa Antonio, our curiosity got the best of us and we decided to try this different kind of adventure.



Here are the top five reasons why we enjoyed our stay, and basically why you should absolutely try glamping yourself too.

1) Having someone else pitch our tent while it was raining. (I felt a little guilty about that though!) If you don’t know how to set-up your own tent, I suggest you watch the staff and learn from them so you can do it yourself next time. But if you already know how to do it anyway, you’re not missing out anymore – right?

casa antonio glamping batangas

2) Not having to start a fire to cook our own meals. That would have been impossible given the weather! Grilling steaks and burying baked potatoes in charcoal would have been fun though, but the chicken and fish they served were so well-cooked that we couldn’t complain.

3) Waking up to the sound of ocean waves and a bright, sunny day ahead. For me, this is the BEST part about camping in general.

4) Riding an ATV for the first time!ย We got to enjoy different activities in the island without worrying about our things because of the camp’s security.

5) All the fun of camping, without the inconvenience.ย It really depends on you if you think it’s inconvenient to do the usual camping stuff or you think it’s all part of the experience. But nonetheless, it’s best to treat yourself once in a while and try a luxury experience too.


If you’re wondering, we availed of the Glamp Rock Package and we highly recommend it. It’s of course more expensive than the usual camping trips that you can DIY, but for the one of a kind experience, I think it’s worth it.

It’s not just for couples, but also for families, friends, organizations, and company outings. The day of our check-out, the Casa Antonio team was getting ready for the 56 people who were booked for the long weekend. Congrats guys!! ๐Ÿ™‚

If you have questions, I’ll try my best to answer based on our experience and the very nifty travel guide that they emailed upon confirmation, but it’s still best to ask in their FB page instead. ๐Ÿ™‚

My PBB Audition Story

MAYย 29, 2016

Here I am, talking about PBB again as if the hype hasn’t died down yet. As much as I want to move on just like everyone else (hello / goodbye haters LOL), seeing this date on the calendar triggered all sorts of emotions for me.

Hence, this window for writing is open once again. I wonder how soon I will publish this, or if will publish this at all. You have no idea how many PBB-related blog drafts I have in my computer. All I know is – I. Must. Write.

Dear Aura,

Remember that time last year when you bravely hopped on that North-bound bus at 5 am and set out for your biggest adventure yet?

Yes, it’s been more than a year since you auditioned for Pinoy Big Brother. Too bad you’re only writing this now.

Again no, what were you REALLY thinking???! One day, you’re going to ask yourself this question, and you’re going to want a more honest answer than THIS. Nice try. Now where’s the no-sh*t reason?


13 Reasons Why You Have To Be at Bloggers United 13 #BU13!

The biggest bloggers bazaar in the country is ready to go #BackToCool for its 13th installment thisย June 3, 2017 at the Whitespace Events Venue, Makati!

And yes, for the first time ever, I’m finally joining! This came at a perfect time because I NEED to clean up my closet so bad. I’m excited to meet you all too! Let me know naman in person if you’re a reader / subscriber so I can thank you in person he he he. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you Ana for this opportunity. I actually met Ana way back in high school through our little stint as Council of Cool Members in Candy Magazine!

Here are 13 Reasons Why you shouldn’t miss #BU13!


My Youtube Experience So Far #YTFFPH

It’s Saturday today, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to edit the vlog that I filmed for this weekend because I didn’t have a laptop. ๐Ÿ™ I really thought I could be consistent with my weekly videos, but instead of giving myself a hard time about it, I’ll just take it as a reason to pause and write again.

Besides, I don’t like how my last few entries have all been about promoting my videos on Youtube. (But yeah, subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already LOL).

I decided early on that this blog will still be my main portal, and that means I have to keep on writing.

It’s a little challenging because I’m back to work in the hospital again. That means I don’t have a lot of free time to make videos AND write, but oh well! Now I understand – this is a lot of hard work, and (not but!) I like it!

I actually look forward to shooting, editing, and sharing my med school related contentย in this new format, and to just beย my wordy introspective self in this blog. I wonder to what direction this will take me, but I promised myself I will put my newfound influence to good use, so this is what I’m doing.

Speaking of influence..

Youtube Fan Fest PH #YTFFPH

Last night, I attended the Youtube Fanfest in Manila, not really knowing what to expect. When I got there – wooooow – I didn’t know Youtube fans were that solid!

It was my first time to meet avid viewers in person, and the biggest surprise for me was realizing most of them were actually kids and teens!

When I was their age, I remember being so impressionable and excited about everything, and I didn’t even have Youtube back then! Growing up, I was a super fan of Hilary Duff, but she was way too far-fetched that I never felt like I could do the things she did. (Sing to me Paolo!!)

I wonder what it’s like to be in these kids’ shoes. At least Youtubers today are relatable, reachable, and real people that they can aspire to be. I wasn’t surprised that at least ten kids came up to me and said “Ate Aura, say hi to my vlog!!”

Of course they have a vlog!!!

Why not, right? Once upon a time, even Alex Wassabi and LaurDIY had their own hesitations, but they uploaded their first videos anyway. Now they have this modern platform to inspire others to just be themselves.

One day, as much as everyone has a favorite color, a favorite movie, and a favorite actress – we will all have a favorite Youtuber!

Who’s yours? Comment down below and share the good vibes!

P.S. Here’s just someย of mine:
Itsjudyslife – I’ve been watching for years and I want to cry I think it’s time for a baby boy!
Anna Akana – my kind of comedy!!
TheStriveToFit – for med students like me
ChannelNotes – for those who want to start a Youtube channel
Christina Grimmie – I love you, RIP.

How To Justify Your Selfish Decisions aka Why I Joined PBB

So here’s another throwback entry, written around the time I was kind of sure I was going to be accepted in PBB. It’s pretty personal and borderline dramatic, but I’m used to it. I even love it. I love reading old entries and laughing at my then problems. I high five myself every time I am able to write a wise justification for my not-so-wise decisions.

So here it is – paragraphs worth of why I decided to allow a minor interruption, a little detour. I keep looking at it that way. I keep thinking this is how I would make “paliwanag sa presinto”.

Why I Joined PBB

Or better yet… WHAT!!? Were you thinking??

Dear Aura. If anyone asks you again, lead them to this entry. This is why you decided to join Pinoy Big Brother in the first place.