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Motto Prints Now Open

I can’t be the only one who spends my idle time online, looking for inspirational quotes on pretty backgrounds – those I can set as my desktop wallpaper or share over Facebook. Oh, endless browsing! Such inspiration!

I know a lot of you also search for pictures of rooms decorated with modern art prints, and think at the back of your mind – “Oh, I like! I can make that! I’ll do that to my room!”

But you don’t. You’re lazy, and you wish you could just buy something ready-made. Me too. 

But no one is selling. When no one is selling, either the market doesn’t exist, or the market hasn’t been found. (I read that somewhere!)

My dream is to find that market, and if not – create it. I can’t be the only one who wants to make my room pretty and Tumblr-worthy. I’m sure there are other like-minded people who find inspiration in clever words, and would be happy to display them so others can see.

dreams be dreams

I finally had the time and courage to open my dream shop. I started working on this last December, but I only got to focus on it now. I opened it today – Labor Day!

I want to make this shop personal and close to me, and hopefully make some money from doing something that I love. From creating the designs to preparing them for delivery, it’s going to be a one-woman team for now. I’m so excited!! 🙂 Don’t let your dreams be dreams.


Browse more designs by liking Motto Prints on Facebook.

Like the page on Facebook and help me spread the word! So far there are around twenty designs, and I hope to make the next batch based on requests and suggestions. Send me an email at if there’s a quote you’d like to see. 🙂

My First Summer Job

I was recently hired to be the temporary secretary in my dad’s clinic for the summer. Ate Lanie, the long-time secretary, is currently on maternity leave. Good for me! At least now I’m doing something productive instead of wasting my vacation days with TV marathons and endless Facebook newsfeeds.

My responsibilities include typical secretary tasks such as organizing patient records, making appointments, texting reminders, answering inquiries, and occasional trips to the bank.

Reception area

Reception area


Patient records, some of which dating back to 1984.

I was also given housekeeping duties such as washing and sterilizing all tools used the previous day, arranging materials pre- and post-procedure and of course, sweep-here-mop-there-wipe-everywhere before closing time.


[ ] Mouth mirror [ ] Explorer [ ] Cotton tweezers


One glance and I was able to recognize that the yellow model with retainers is mine.

Sounds easy? Routine jobs usually are. The difficult thing is correcting the unconscious “routine” of wrong things — forgetting to ask for the patient’s updated contact number, forgetting to unlock the door where patients pass, and heavens forbid – forgetting to feed the fish.

I’ve also learned to actually put on eye makeup and brush my hair, ya know – for propeysyunal purposes. In return, people walk in all the time with no appointments, just because they are curious to meet that head turner behind the reception desk. (Hahaha nope, that never happened.) A funny thing that happens every SINGLE day though, is having patients learn about me and comment something like, “Paano mo naging anak yan Dok??” My dad replies with a consistent “there was a mix-up at the nursery.” #InaKapatidAnak #MarasiganDinBaAko #DiNamanPangetSiPapa

I’m glad I accepted this job. At least now I have a reason to wake up early! I open the clinic at 10 AM, while my dad is still at home gardening, fixing the sink or whatever. I am also adamant about the vicious summer heat that everyone is complaining about, because I’m in airconditioning the whole day. My salary so far has also scored me roundtrip promo tickets to next summer’s destination. (sikret muna hihi) I plan to put the rest in the bank right away.


Booked for April 2014! (Yes, we buy our plane tickets one year in advance.)

Today is my 10th day, and will be the last for now. That’s because I will have another job at the Intramuros community and university clinic starting next week as a return service for my med school scholarship. I wonder how that will go.

P.S. This day will end with me finally having my semi-impacted wisdom tooth extracted.

Recommended iPad App – STEREOMOOD

Ask me what my favorite type of music is and I will give you an ambiguous answer that you will hate, but I will mean – “It depends on my mood.”

Okay, I may know all Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato songs by heart, but I’m still not lying. There are many times that I want to expose my ears to new music and for once, actually listen and not sing along like the popstar-wannabe that I am.

And for that, I use Stereomood. It’s an app that will generate a playlist depending on the mood you click. Music is streamed via the internet, as sourced from top music blogs and artist recommendations. The playlist is based on the user-submitted tags, so it’s also kind of a community to discover new music and artists.



The app itself is free but will require internet to use. You can also share what you’re listening to via Twitter or Facebook, and every time I do that I feel extra kewl. Hahaha. Don’t be fooled, friends. I have no idea who these artists are, or what they’re singing about. I listen to a random track once, tap my feet to the beat while I’m at it, and move on to the next – just the way I like it. 🙂

Photography Must Know – Where Not to Amputate!

I’m such a feelingera to be blogging about PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS hahah but I found this very useful.

To avoid the awkward amputation that usually ruin shots, be guided by these colored lines. Do not cut your subject on those body parts with the red lines! But if really necessary, it’s okay to cut them along the green lines.
It’s just another tip to make sure your photos turn out great. I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds the “rule of thirds” a bit overused.