PBB Lucky Season 7 Thanksgiving Dinner

Here’s a quick entry to share to you some moments from last week. We attended the appreciation dinner for the PBB housemates, creators, and staff, hosted by Mr. CLK, the ABSCBN President and CEO. It was also the first time the Dream Team was reunited in the outside world! Hellloooo guys!!! 🙂

pinoy big brother lucky season 7

LUCKY to have been given the chance to meet the big bosses of ABSCBN. MayWard at the back though! Hahaha!

Here are more pictures from my camera. Hover or click for the captions. 🙂

Regular Housemates Represent!

Come to think of it, all of my shining moments in PBB were shared with these people. They brought out the best in me for sure! Cora during Double Trouble Week (book smart LOL!), Tanner during the Big Jump Challenge (palaban me), and Kuya Ome who allowed me to be 100% myself throughout my whole stay.

I’m incredibly PROUD of everyone in this picture – all mature, reliable, witty, and determined individuals who just so happened to be very good looking and damn fun to be with as well. (Yes! Buhat pa ng bangko go.)  I love you guys and I’ll always be here to support! Thank you for sharing the whole PBB experience with me.

This Is Why They’re OUR Big Four

As much as I wanted at least one regular or celebrity housemate to join the Big Four, I also knew what everyone else knew – the teens DESERVE to be up there together. Click the individual pictures to know why. 🙂

Thank you guys for allowing me to be an Ate. As much as possible, I didn’t want to treat you as babies because you were “older” teens anyway. You guys proved me right. There’s a certain level of maturity and independence in all of you that inspired even the adults in the house. Congrats! You were there during the start and end of my stay, and I can say I really felt the difference. I’ll always be proud of you! 🙂

Next Post – Party Inside The PBB House!

As if this is the first time we partied in the house, right? The difference is we got to take selfies this time. See you on my next post! 🙂

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17 thoughts on “PBB Lucky Season 7 Thanksgiving Dinner

  • ChihiroOgino (@lsslgbnnn)

    Thanks for this! After I binge-watch your life story in Pbb, then sa youtube channel ni Baninay(i luv her too) and just recently saw your yt channel mas lalo tuloy ako nainspired sa mga words of wisdom mo and love you mooore. Just continue doing the vlogs and blogs Ate Aura ☺️ para to keep us updated ehe now I binge reading ur blogs from the start 💜💜💜

  • ruth

    Akala ko nung lumabas na yung teens sa bahay di nako magakakainteres na mag stay up late to watch pbb pero nung pumasok ka, hala sige puyat pa more ako. Nagustuhan ko yung pagkatao mo, kung sino ka, pinapakita mo talaga. Nagustuhan ko din na di kalang book smart. Kaya finollow kta sa IG at pinanuod ko mga vlogs ni baninay na andun ka. Ngayon naman, babasahin ko at sshare ang blog mo. Inspiration ka sa karamihan. Keep doing what makes you happy and Godbless, Doc Aura!

  • Carmel Kho

    Hi Doc Ate Aura 😀 You’re so pretty and elegant with your white dress. I love it! Keep on inspiring us with your stories. Thank you! God Bless Doc Ate 🙂

  • Zea maize

    I love ur blog since the day u blog about what happen after eviction nyt! I enjoyed reading ur blog bes…sarap basahin my sense..Hahaha!! This is much better than vlogging kze dun may masabi at masasabi ang mga bashers sau khit na mgnda ang video mo…Hahaha

    Like u bes aura and mayora baninay!!!😍keep safe both of u always and God bless😘🌷

  • just AD

    To all Kisses fans and Kissmarc, Kissniel please do visit my me on afeeyusm.blogspot.com and look one of my entries it’s all about Kisses. How I started like her inside the house. Thanks guys!

  • Mutaon Enigmata

    Hi DocAura.Wow this is so nice to have vlog like this . It’s so nice to see you all housemates in this vlog. I’m big fun of #KissWard

  • Christine maglantay

    Hi doc auraaaaa. Thanks for this blog:) im a supporter of this pbb edition. Im so proud of you all! Godbless!

    P.s. can you update us also with maymay and tanner. if ever, is there any possibility na maging sila for real?? 😍😍😍 thank you. Haha