I’ve had this entry drafted for weeks, and I even called it “Pause” because that was all I wanted to do. In the midst of all the exams and papers, and bad weather that postponed all the exams and papers – I didn’t find it in me to just pause.

I didn’t intend this extended blog hiatus, and I’m sorry. Not because I need to keep my current readers updated with my life all the time – no, this is not 2005. I’m sorry because my future reader (singular, yes) will have forgotten how hectic 3rd year was, or will have never even noticed that she allowed it to devour her whole.

I do NOT want that to happen. Pause.

Pause for a while to see my visiting baby cousins, whom after 6 years, have grown up to be fine Canadian citizens.



I spent my childhood vacations and holidays playing with them, and it continually breaks my heart that they had to move away. It may be a while before I see them again, but because of Andrei’s enthusiastic and well-structured story telling, I got a glimpse of their every day life.

I learned that Andrei picks up Annika from the bus stop every day after school – a BIG responsibility that he is conflicted with now that he’s starting third year high school and has to take electives for college. He thinks he wants to be a doctor, just like Ate. 🙂 He’s always been a genius, but you know – no pressure kid.

Annika, on the other hand, says she wants to work in fashion “just like Mommy!” I saw that she’s a girly girl who loves crafts, just like Ate again. 🙂 She hoarded boxes of rainbow loom bands because it is sold here for cheap. Her favorite right now is Ariana Grande, which made me nervous for ten seconds.

I love that they’re sweet and cuddly, and they make each other laugh! Soon enough, Andrei will start with his teenage angst, and Annika will have a boyfriend. A part of me wishes I could see them grow up and be the Ate I’ve always wanted to be; but, I’m also convinced that as long as they have each other’s backs, they’re well off on their own.

Pause for a while to visit my grandmother in the hospital.


She’s been there for a while, and I’m thinking of ways to make her stay better aside from allowing her to pinch my snotty nose, or coming up with a way to better communicate (see picture). Maybe she’d like some music or old pictures. Or maybe she’d like to have us visit more often. 🙁

Pause to eat Korean-all-you-can and celebrate my brother’s birthday.


What’s funny about this is even if it was his birthday, I was the one who picked the restaurant. I’ve been craving for Korean for so long! Unfortunately, Papa didn’t really enjoy the food. I know because he was so quiet, and it makes you more guilty if someone is complaining using just silence. Right?!

Pause – and a round of applause please – cos I’m now officially a SINGER.


I’ve always known that it was now or never – I HAD to convince my classmates to allow me to represent the class in Medising, the annual Med Week singing competition. But of course, I made it seem like it was the other way around. Lo and behold, I found myself rapping on stage with my three other girly classmates and winning our first ever singing title!  Hahaha!

Pause, pack bags, deny the bad weather forecast, and get as far away from the city as possible.


I’ve been ITCHING to go to the beach, and at 10 pm on a Saturday night, I decided to not waste the rest of the long weekend sulking at home. To La Union it is! The best part was the lush greenery on the road and the sound of the ocean waves throughout the day. I’ll try to find time to write a whole entry about it. 🙂

Pause to interrupt the study time of those who are still on fast-forward.

My high school BFFs Nathan and Erika from UERM and UST med, respectively, are busy studying for their Monday exams. and here I am – ending this entry and finally starting on my Medicine case report. 🙂

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One thought on “Pause

  • Mitzi

    Ate aura, nakakalungkot naman kasi lumabas ka na ng bahay ni Kuya. Hindi na kita mapapanood sa TV 🙁
    Dibale palagi nalang ako matitingin ng mga blogposts mo para updated parin ako sa life mo. 🙂 sobrang nakakainspire kasi. 💖💖