No Need To Put In A Plastic Bag, Please!

Two years ago, I wrote this entry about the Plastic Bag Ban in Las Pinas. Even then, I had my reservations, but still welcomed the progressive legislation for my former city. As for my current one (yes – my renewed driver’s license made it official), I just learned that an ordinance has already been declared.

In Manila, city ordinance 8282 has completely disallowed the use of non-biodegradable plastic bags for dry goods but allowed regulated use for wet goods. The ordinance also prohibits business establishments from offering, selling or using plastic bags as primary or secondary packaging for dry goods. by Mary Rose A. Hogaza
January 29, 2014

“Just learned”, because obviously, I don’t see it in action. Plastic is still being used everywhere in Manila. Personally, I haven’t seen anyone use those eco-bags in the supermarket. What I see, as in my eyes seem to laser focus on this one thing – is how the baggers DOUBLE BAG a tiny sachet of shampoo to separate it from all the other grocery items. (I know it’s a precaution against contamination; I can’t seem to accept it.)

Point is – my eyes still roll like a brat every single time I see these plastic bags being used improperly. I don’t care that most have been reformulated as “oxo-biodegradable plastic”, unless of course it literally means they get degraded while flying in the air. Because we’ve all seen it. They do fly in the air.

Rant over. Here are my suggested solutions, because no one should complain without at least attempting to find an alternative . (P.S. None of these are related to waiting for the government to develop iron hands to implement the law.) (That wasn’t another rant, just saying that the change can begin with US hehe!)

1. “Avoid small plastic bags!”
Don’t you agree that these little plastic bags have become an eyesore on the streets, especially since they are too small to be recycled afterwards? They’re pretty USELESS to me. Good news is that we can totally avoid using them.


No need for plastic bags

My principle – anything that can fit in a small plastic can definitely fit in my bag too, and sometimes even in my pocket.

When shopping, tell the cashier that you don’t want to put your single or small purchase in a plastic bag anymore. Instead, put it directly in your pocket, bag, or in the plastic bag of an earlier purchase.

If, for some reason your item gets bagged ninja-ly while you were scrambling for money (those cashiers!),  don’t be shy to return the plastic. You’re standing by a principle here. 😉

Also, without a plastic bag, you would look like a shoplifter upon exit – only the store alarm won’t buzz. Simple thrills of life.

How about the other plastic products that are harder to avoid?

2. Segregate domestic trash into THREE groups. 

(1) Biodegradable food scraps by the sink, (2) non-biodegradable, and (3) recyclables!

plastic bottle segregation

Recycle bin, literally. These can be sold at a junk shop then go straight to a proper recycling centre.

reuse plastic bags

Don’t throw these out too soon! Keep a drawer of rolled plastic bags that can be reused easily.

You see, I wrote this post because I feel strongly about it. Maybe for now, these sound like exceptional steps for a more sustainable daily living, but I hope one day it can fall under the “business as usual” category. 🙂

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