Exploring Northern Mindanao, From What I Remember

In February 2015, Noe and I traveled with a big group for the first time. We went to different provinces in Northern Mindanao with a fun bunch of med classmates just after third year finals, while the much-awaited promo boards was being deliberated, and right before we started clerkship!

Lighting candles and offering prayers at the start of our trip

Sto Nino Basilica Church, Cebu City – Lighting candles and offering prayers at the start of our trip, because there’s just so much to be thankful for.

Again, it’s been a while and I never had the time to have an in-depth blog entry, but these are just some of the things I will always remember. 🙂

From Manila (Luzon), we had an early flight to Cebu (Visayas) and had an impromptu tour to kill time. We then flew to our main destination, Cagayan De Oro (Mindanao). All these in one day! #TeamLuzViMinda it is. 🙂 Make sure to hover over the pictures for the caption!

The whole gang - all nine of us - always fitting in Noe's selfie-ready reach

The whole gang – all nine of us – always fitting within Noe’s selfie-ready reach

Cagayan De Oro – White Water Rafting

The best part about traveling with a big group is that you can do big group activities! The highlight of our trip, hands down, would be the white water rafting in CDO. If you’re a thrill seeker and nature lover like us, this activity is perfect.

Until now, I smile at the memory of the experience. It was the adrenaline rush of being in a river that knew mad, and the peaceful marvel of being in a river that knew calm. Four hours of advanced rafting through the rapids and we still wanted more! Some parts of the river were more calm, so we were allowed to jump down, enjoy the cool waters, and float along the current. A gift of nature, indeed. We’re just happy to be young and able to embark on adventures such as this. 🙂

Camiguin Island – Non-stop Activities!

After a 45-minute ferry ride, we reached Camiguin Island. Our day was so jam-packed with activities but we did it anyway! Had it been just Noe and I and a few other Tita friends, we would probably have an afternoon nap in our itinerary. But not that day. After all, we won’t always have this much energy!

Bukidnon – Dahilayan Adventure Park

Aside from the cool weather and the beautiful scenery, what I’ll never forget was the Drop Zone experience, how Noe and I were pulled up – higher, higher, and higher – 120 feet above the little lake, and one of us had to pull the manual trigger before we plunged down. Noe had to do it for us while I screamed to awaken my already dead afraid legs. He then shut me up by saying, “Hey! Look at me. Look at me.” (AKA Kalma ka girl) My heart calmed down, but I still screamed out of excitement, and he still pulled the trigger, and we still dropped. WAHHH!!!!

The Thing About Traveling With A Big Group

Again, most of our trips – it’s just Noe and I with a few other friends. It was our first time to join a big group, have lots of activities, and not have control over the itinerary – which surprisingly, was a very good thing as we got to really enjoy the vacation and all the surprises that came with it.

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