Feeling Domesticated

Life update!

It’s been three weeks since I started my Community Medicine rotation. That means I have no overnight shifts at the hospital, and I have all my weekends off. Most days I even get to go home by lunch time!

So what have I been doing with all this free time?

I’ve been attempting to study and shoot and edit videos in advance so I can have time to study, but most of my time are actually eaten up by..


My sister finally got to leave to work as a nurse in America, and my mother decided to accompany her and have an indefinite vacation herself.

That means, for the first time ever, I now live alone and have full control and responsibility of our little house. Okay, not really. I made my best friend move in with me and she’s pretty good with chores.

Except she won’t pick up the dog poop, which I used to never do too – to my sister’s annoyance.

Well now I have a growing list of “things I used to never do but now I have to”. Thanks to Pinterest, Youtube, and my experience from living in the Big Brother house for a good three months – I feel like I can take on anything!

If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that my stories have been all about me being such a domesticated wifey recently.

Here’s some more back story.

1) Full grocery shopping – and not just in the snacks section. I didn’t know we could ask to have the fish cleaned and cut longitudinally (aka daing haha!) in the store. One time, I had to clean the galunggong myself and the guts just exploded. It brought me back to my college days when we had to dissect all sorts of animals for class. Gross, but I guess I’ve seen / touched / smelled worse.

house chores - grocery shopping

Lots of vegetables! No junk food!

2) Plan for and cook dinner. My dad has a limited diet due to his diabetes and poor dentition, so as much as we want to just have fried pork chops, well we can’t. My biggest achievement so far in this wifey life was when he seemed to like our dinner so much that he asked to have some packed so he can eat it again for lunch the next day. I was so flattered! Hahaha! That was just ginisang sayote … with a secret tablespoon of sugar added. HUHUHU.

3) Laundry! Once a week chores are so easy! My mom used to nag me so much about the folded laundry in the basket that I never put back in my closet. Now I just do that while catching up with Grey’s Anatomy. By the way, should I really keep on separating the whites when I don’t use bleach anyway? I read somewhere that it’s better to separate according to fabric. (Somewhere = Pinterest = life manual.)

4) Taking out the trash. I always forget to do this, because I’m always in a hurry in the morning. One time our disposal of biodegradables was left beside the sink for so long that it started growing maggots!!

5) Cleaning after the dogs. How I wish we trained them when they were still puppies. Now they’re just in a perpetual competition to prove who’s the real alpha. Do they really poop two times a day? Alternately? 4 times a day total?? And how strong are their sphincters that they can hold their pee to distribute it in at least 2 of their respective spots / territories?

house chores - taking care of dogs

After giving him a bath, he takes a nap and dries up here.

So far, so good. Except Mama, if you’re reading this – I totally forgot about your plants.

P.S. Don’t be so shocked that I found this interesting enough to blog about. For someone who’s never moved out of her house and has always used the “I’m a med student I have to study” card – this is a milestone.

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One thought on “Feeling Domesticated

  • Anonymous

    You can do it aura! I started living alone when I was 16, di pla alone kasi I had my 2 younger siblings to look after. I was in college at h/s naman ung dalawa. It was really a challenge how to run the house by myself pero nakaya naman! Nagsesend lang c mama ng money weekly at ako na ang bahala at ang kawawa. Hehehe. I will never forget every morning na iniiwan namin ang bahay na sabog sabog!