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Real People, Reel World

Finally, our lucky season is over. The hype has passed.Β Is it okay to start talking now?

I originally wrote this post just a few weeks after I got evicted, and it’s been on draft mode ever since. It’s time!

I may no longer be as relevant at the time you are reading this, but what I personally learned and what I am about to share will always be. Especially since the show is said to be returning sooner than we all think. *Source – not so reliable.

To all fans AND haters of Pinoy Big Brother - you wouldn't know, you weren't there.

I fully understand that I agreed to be part of a show that will project me as a person with both likable AND non-likable traits. As was noted by the more discerning viewers though, in that altered reality, anything could be overly emphasized to tell a good story.

Do I sound like I’m bitterly bashing? Haha, believe me, I’m good. Here’s why.

Let me be the first to admit to you that that storytelling has worked in my favor more than once, or at least more times than it has put me in a bad light. The same is true for the other housemates.

So mad props to the real dream team for weaving together our bits and pieces, and coming up with characters that are entertaining enough for primetime, and inspiring enough to be voted, defended, and supported by loyal viewers nationwide.

What I am about then to say is only my assumption.

None Of It Was Scripted, I Swear

It appears to me that we were picked out of thousands who auditioned because our respective backgrounds and personalities fit perfectly in the CHARACTERS they wanted to project. From the start, we already had our roles in the story they wanted to tell.

Individually, we could have been portrayed as someone soft spoken or frank, goody goody or rebellious, quiet or energetic, chill or uptight, goofy or dignified – and a house full of which should naturally end up with an exciting storyline. But there’s more to us than that.

We were real people put in a reel world, to say the least.

That means if some of our actions and reactions were inconsistent with the “character” set for us, the audience will probably not see it on TV.

Here’s a more specific scenario. I was introduced as the “med student who also has a fun side”. I suppose any chance I am caught sounding intelligent ala-doktora but crazy fun with a drink in hand (six times in our season) just a few moments later – that should make it to the narrative.

That made for a very interesting story line, and I guess I don’t mind playing the part especially since a lot of other hardworking students who just want to make their families proud were able to relate. But am I really like that? Do you seriously believe I had zero fun in med school, and I had no time to chill? Luh.

Likewise, the assigned comedian of the group is not trying to be funny 24/7, nor is the resident “bitchesa” always so hard to get along with. It’s just that those parts of their personality are the ones that are most often emphasized on the final edit to elicit good reactions from the viewers. But inside the house, we had no idea what was being aired and what was not. Still, we’re all good.

You Wouldn’t Know Cos You Weren’t There

That said, of all people – only the housemates knew each other best. Even in that altered reality, we learned to get past tolerance and mere “pakikisama” and move on to become actual friends. We enjoyed each other’s company, depended on each other during tasks, and cheered for each other on our individual and group victories.

What’s crazy is how the fans have a tendency to pit one housemate against another, just because of an assumed rivalry or an ongoing tension seen on TV. We can’t blame you. It’s hard to not get carried away if there are matching sound effects and zoomed-in reaction shots of bickering and eye-rolling.

We were even forced many times to nominate each other and to pick our Big Winners, which often subjected us to misinterpretation. It is so, so hard to believe – but I honestly didn’t want anyone evicted, and I didn’t mind being evicted myself. Β 

Chill people!! Kami sa loob masaya lang! Bakit warla kayo dyan online!
(What I really wanted to say the moment I got out LOL)

I can no longer change the way the audience were made to react during all my facepalm moments, and sometimes I feel weirdly undeserving of all the praises and compliments during my “redeeming” scenes. I admit I still cringe at myself even up to now LOL.

Nonetheless, despite all the twists and whut-whut moments that I only saw much later than all of you did (hindi man lang ako nakareact ng maayos), I had a blast! I never felt like I was being held captive even if I was there for three long months.

Over-all, it was a positive experience for me – mostly because I chose to look at it that way.

Having been a fan of the show since I was a kid, I am definitely looking forward to watching the next editions with fresh new eyes.

As future viewers (I’m just going to be a viewer now), let us always remember to just take the show for what it is – a source of entertainment, inspiration, and for a select few, a ticket to a life changed in an instant. And P.S., just because we saw it on TV, and everyone else on Twitter thinks that way, doesn’t mean it’s how it actually happened in real life.

After all, maybe the pabebe, papansin, and maldita housemates are not actually like that in real life (check the vlogs!), and everyone’s bet for Big Winner really has no idea what she’s doing, and was actually just being.. skrengge!