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What’s The Best Pre-Med Course For Filipinos?

What’s Your Recommended Pre-Med?

Many students who want to be a doctor are faced with the challenge of picking the best pre-med course.

Specifically here in the Philippines, the normal path is to finish any college course first that will serve as your “pre-med” – and usually, students are advised to take courses that will help prepare them best for med school.

Let me start by saying that no matter what advice you hear from your parents, your med student neighbor, your family doctor, or me (yes, even ME!) – in the end, there is no such thing as the BEST pre-med major. Why? All courses have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the experience is always different per person.

When you get to med school eventually (and you will!), you’ll realize that nothing could have prepared you for it fully, and it’s all just about striving and working hard every day.

Simply put, it’s not in the course nor the school. It’s in the student!

Doc, You’re Not Helping

I know, I know. You still have to pick a pre-med. In that case, I believe you should consider both PRACTICAL and PERSONAL reasons to end up with the best choice for you.

I came up with a two-part series on how to pick the best pre-med course for you and you can watch the videos below to find out.

I hope you learn a lot! If you found it helpful, please don’t hesitate to recommended my channel to anyone who might find my topics interesting too. It will honestly give me the boost to keep on making more videos every week. 😉

How To Choose Your Pre-Med/College Course (What’s the Best Pre-Med PART 1)

Part 1 Highlights:
Consider these practical things when deciding:
1) Location / where will you live when studying?
2) Tuition fee and scholarship opportunities
3) School reputation / student success rate – although this is debatable
4) Course duration
5) Job opportunities aside from medicine

My Advice In Choosing Your Pre-Med (What’s the Best Pre-Med PART 2)

Part 2 Highlights:
Reconsider your pre-med goals. It’s not just so you can get into a good med school or have an edge over your med school classmates.

Your only goals should be:
1) Develop good study habits.
2) Do not get into trouble.
3) Fall in love with learning.

And if you still don’t know what you’re interested in:
1) Google the course curriculum.
2) Google current students of that course.
3) Take a look at yourself – what you like to waste your time on, what you share on social media, what inspires you.

In the end – FOLLOW YOUR HEART. Your pre-med is your whole college experience already so make the most out of it. Stop worrying so much about med school while you’re not there yet.