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How To Justify Your Selfish Decisions aka Why I Joined PBB

So here’s another throwback entry, written around the time I was kind of sure I was going to be accepted in PBB. It’s pretty personal and borderline dramatic, but I’m used to it. I even love it. I love reading old entries and laughing at my then problems. I high five myself every time I am able to write a wise justification for my not-so-wise decisions.

So here it is – paragraphs worth of why I decided to allow a minor interruption, a little detour. I keep looking at it that way. I keep thinking this is how I would make “paliwanag sa presinto”.

Why I Joined PBB

Or better yet… WHAT!!? Were you thinking??

Dear Aura. If anyone asks you again, lead them to this entry. This is why you decided to join Pinoy Big Brother in the first place.