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Party In The PBB House! My Honest Thoughts About Being Back

Right after the appreciation dinner, we went straight to the PBB house and had an epic thanksgiving HOUSE PARTY! In this post I’ll share to you some more exclusive pictures and videos, plus my five random and honest thoughts about being back inside the house.

1) Bakit ang daming tao!?

Having so many people talking, eating, dancing, and partying inside the house was so weird. At first I even had a heavy feeling in my chest! Deep inside I was thinking, “NOOO people you’re overwriting all the precious mental images I have of this house.” 🙁

In my mind, when I think of my PBB moments, we had that place all to ourselves. It was always just me and Kuya Jerome chopping in the kitchen, me and Baninay dancing in front of the umm altar (with the huge mirror kasi), Cora and Tanner in the corner beside the fridge (pun intended), and Wil doing yoga somewhere/anywhere.

Now my last memory of being inside the house is something like this.

It’s like forever committing to memory a loved one’s peaceful, resting face during his funeral, and him suddenly coming back to deliver a haunting message in your dreams.

I got over it eventually. Party pa rin!!! 🙂

By the way, that cool video above was created by Reggie, the same guy behind my introduction VTR! Thanks!! 🙂

2) Close sila sa amin, pero hindi kami close sa kanila.

Here’s another fleeting thought upon meeting some of the crew for the first time – from the story editors, audio guys, production assistants, cameramen, etcetera. These guys know us, but we don’t really know them!

I know that it was inevitable for them to feel a certain fondness (or hate!) for us housemates. They were on the lookout 24/7 and so more than Kuya, they were the ones who knew ALL about us.

While inside the house, we liked to pretend we knew the guys behind the two-way mirror. We always thought one of them had to be “Boy Report” – the guy who always tells on us so we can’t get away with violations.

Whenever any of these lines pop up on the screen..
“Cora, nasaan ang iyong lapel?”
“Bakit naliligo si Kisses? Hindi pa oras ng pagligo.”
“Housemates, mag-Tagalog.”
… Sisihin si Boy Report!! Ang aga aga! Hahaha 🙂

Another one was probably “Boy Suggest“, whose job is to snoop in on our conversations to get ideas for the next activity.
“What if tug of war yung next challenge?”
“Pagawa mo na sa akin lahat wag lang may ipis.”
“Sana may pa-wine si Mayor.”
… Uy baka marinig ka ni Boy Suggest!

Hay. I’m pretty sure at least one of them has seen me in the bathroom.

I got over that too, eventually. Sorry / congrats / you’re welcome. Party pa rin!!! 🙂

3) What I really missed the most – the perfect lighting.

What else was left to do? Take. Shameless. Selfies. This time we got to use our own cameras, the type that doesn’t add ten pounds. Bwahahaha.

4) Walwal Time – SILA LANG

As much as I wanted to go all out that night, I had to save my energy because I had an early call time the next day. Same was true for most of the other housemates. 🙁 Nonetheless, we had a lot of fun!

Here are the rest of the pictures from my camera that night. I had to keep it safe in the girls’ bedroom as soon as the pool party started.

5) When it comes to PBB – never say never!

Every time I’m back for anything PBB related, I keep on thinking it will probably be the last, only to get surprised with another invitation soon after. Never say never, ika nga. I’ll be back one day, Kuya! I’m still convinced you were there partying with us that night. 🙂

That’s it for now! A lot of you are asking me to start vlogging as well, but I enjoy writing way too much to let this go. I’m thinking of sometimes incorporating my own video contents instead. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below. Suggestions would be appreciated! 🙂