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UST-FMS Tuition and Fees 2016-2017

UST medicine tuition

It is known that UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery is consistently one of the best performing medical schools in the Philippines. A lot of pre-meds consider UST as their dream med school, and for good reason.

Ever wonder how much it costs to study at UST Med School? Posted below is the actual photo of their tuition fee for the first semester of Academic Year 2016-2017. That’s roughly Php 120,000-125,000 per semester, and Php 240,000-250,000 per year for the first three years.

UST medicine tuition UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery Schedule of Fees First Term AY 2016-2017

UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery Schedule of Fees First Term AY 2016-2017

Were you surprised too? Believe it or not, UST is NOT even the most expensive med school! Click here to see tuition fees from other med schools in the Philippines.

The Countdown Begins – Two Weeks To Go!

Life update! We have two weeks left before internship begins. I believe this is the last summer vacation of my entire life! Yes, of my extended student life where at 24 I still enjoy summer vacations.

So this is what I’ve been up to so far:

I started watching Game of Thrones! I’m on my yoga mat because I like to do exercises while watching. I pride myself in my attempts of planking during the opening credits, and picking up my pink weights every time a Daenerys scene is on.

Pretty good excuse for not going to the gym for more than a week, eh?
fitness first coffee

One time, I only went there for the free coffee. That was the afternoon I found out my favorite Youtube artist Christina Grimmie had been shot. I was on Twitter for more than an hour, refreshing for updates, until the worst confirmation came. She was just living her dream and doing what she loved. Thank you, Christina.

Anyway, I’ve been staying at home for days I’m afraid our dogs will me so much when I go back to the hospital. I honestly can’t wait to be back. There are still a few things I promised I would do that I haven’t worked on yet because hehe Game of Thrones. We’ll see.

P.S. The countdown also holds true for our incoming president Duterte!