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Duterte Leni 2016: One With The Masses

This is the first and only post I am writing about the recent national elections, and hopefully one of the last ones you’ll have to read. Despite the negativity, conspiracies, and opposing views from even my closest friends, I chose Duterte and Leni.

It turns out, I was one with the masses. I really should have no more explaining to do.

May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears. Duterte Leni 2016.

When I look back at this season in my life, this is what I want to remember.

A Vote For Political Will

I know that words are just words. I myself have uttered flowery scripts in student council elections, perfected down to intonation. I always won, but those words did me no good when things got tough and no one else could see.

So I know what Duterte meant when he said, “You need someone in Malacanang to just do it.

duterte just do it

#Du30 – a vote for political will. Duterte Leni 2016.

A Vote For Sincerity

But from time to time, you allow words to affect you. You come across someone inspired enough to exclaim “excited na akong manalo“, and you see yourself in that person.

I know the feeling, Leni. And so I believe you, and I voted for you too.

leni excited na ako manalo Duterte Leni 2016.

#LeniIsMyVP – a vote for sincerity.

They say that the presidency is really destiny. I believe that now.

You can be born into it, groomed and educated to play the part, and have a long list of achievements to prove your worth, but still lose to unexpected cards who claim to have never wanted it in the first place.

I have always hoped that in this lifetime, we will have a well-loved president that we can happily tell our grandchildren about, and a vice-president that we would desperately urge to serve another six years in the next highest post.

President Duterte, Vice President Leni – we put our hopes in you.