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Goodbye, Med School

As usual, I’ve been back-reading my blog recently. I was trying to look back at my med school journey, and I found this nice nostalgic entry.

It must be said though, that even if this was never my dream, this is at least my choice.

I’m choosing to surrender the supposed best years of my youth to big books and humbling hospital experiences.

I’m choosing to challenge myself physically and mentally, like I’ve never done before.

I’m choosing this because I know that when I get out it (and I will, just as others before me have), I will have no regrets.

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That was fast. My med school career is really over.

Aura MD

Med school in a nutshell.

First year was the most difficult. The pressure, the anxiety, the adjustments, and the unending feeling that we’re not in it too deep yet and we could still quit. But I didn’t quit! In the end, I surprised myself. Kaya ko pala. 

Second year was the most impossible. The topics covered in exams were unbelievably long. We would plot our exam schedules and dread incoming hell weeks. I told myself I didn’t need any more pressure. I just did my best – which meant I had to choose my battles.

Third year was the most interesting. Finally, we started to feel like we were doing real doctor stuff, even just on pen and paper. I remember studying out until 3 am, going home to take a bath and sleep for 1-2 hours, then waking up already wearing our uniform, (still not) ready for the 7 am test.

Clerkship was the best. Period. I say hold it out for the first three years because the goal is to have the best year ever in clerkship. It’s worth it!

So dear med students, this is what I learned. Med school will be tough, but don’t underestimate yourself. When things get tougher, and yes they will, just learn to choose your battles. In every situation, learn as much as you can. And know, that you are going through all this because one day, people will trust you with their lives.

What’s next for me?

Starting July 2016, I will go back to my hospital duties, but this time as a Post-Graduate Intern. As early as now, I am already excited! Hahaha! Kairita na ba?

I keep on thinking it will be the year that I get to teach clerks and guide them with their tasks, the way our interns did the same for us. More importantly, I can finally focus more on learning about patient management, the way real doctors do it.

And of course, find a way to be proactive in preparing for the biggest exam of my life – the Physician Licensure Exam in 2017.

Damn girl, what did you get yourself into..

Ilustrado Restaurant Intramuros

Celebratory lunch with family at Ilustrado Restaurant in Intramuros after our hooding ceremonies.