Daily Archives: January 1, 2016

Clerkie Life: Holidays On Duty and Compre Season

Very quick post to just once again pause.

Right now I’m about to end my 2 month rotation in Pediatrics. I honestly enjoyed every part of it – the precious newborns, the cute crying-then-laughing babies, and even the teenagers admitting to having sexual encounters and drug use.

I also spent Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve on duty at the Pedia wards. Although I was away from my family and other loved ones, that was still a different kind of fun. I realized that this year I spent most of my waking hours in the hospital, since when I’m at home all I do is hibernate. That explains why I’ve grown to love my duty-mates, residents, and patients. 🙂

I admit I’m also starting to feel sad that my clerkship year is also about to end. Can you believe it? One more week in Pedia and I’ll be off to my last rotation – OBGyne!

But before that, there is one last hurdle my batchmates and I have to go through before graduation – compre! Ever since first year med, I’ve dreaded the fact that by clerkship year, there’s going to be a comprehensive exam of ALL our subjects from day one. That’s why all throughout med school, I religiously took down lecture notes and organized my review materials safely in my hard drive.

However, I didn’t know it would be this hard to actually start studying. Over the Christmas break when we had skeletal duties, I started opening my Biochemistry notes and actually found myself LAUGHING because hahaha how the hell did I memorize all that for the sake of an exam? It just goes to show the great lengths we are all capable of if we just set our minds to it.

That said, time to overcome our one last hurdle. This month of January, we’ll have all our weekends off to study for our Monday exams. Here’s my study buddy!