Daily Archives: May 1, 2012

The Day I Turned Twenty

Here I am, exhausting my wits to come up with a noble reason for hosting birthday parties (almost) every year of my teenage life. My siblings think it’s bratty. As much as I want to deny that, I can’t. Everyone remembers how I had a fit on my Supposed Sweet Sixteen because I didn’t have any party or plans.

This year was different. I just turned twenty!

Dr. Claveria made sure I got a cake and a birthday song!

The night before, I slept way before the clock ticked twelve. I woke up with a smile on my face, not caring for a minute that the rest of the girls in the dorm were already dressed and ready for breakfast. I got up, received handpicked flowers while brushing my teeth, and got a few pats on the back from the sausage fest as a birthday greeting. Then we were off for the day’s work.

I spent most of that day getting lost in a forest, counting trees near and far, and getting stung by wild amorseco seeds. I’m a graduating Biology major, and I have no choice but to spend my birthday doing my summer internship.

I used to tell people that birthdays are special because that’s when the people who love you celebrate the day you came to be. (Yes, that’s my noble reason for hosting birthday parties – so people who love me can be happy!) This year, I was confined in a remote area that didn’t even allow the supposed SMS greetings to come through.

I guess this was simply a chance for me to see how blessed I have been this whole year, without the need for fancy gifts and trippy celebrations. God answered my prayers in the most unexpected yet wisest ways. That’s all I can say for now, as I believe that what I am dying to write are worthy of individual blog posts themselves. 🙂