Daily Archives: April 6, 2012

One peso short

We were having dinner at a fast food chain the other night. As my mom paid, my brother and I looked for a table and settled. Then my mom told us an interesting conversation she had with the cashier.

Cashier: (As she hands out the change) Mam’, my change is one peso short.
Mama: Huh? Why?
Cashier: Mam’, because I ran out of coins already.
Mama: That’s not okay. Had I been the one who was one peso short, would you still give me my order?
Cashier: ………

Halfway into the meal, the cashier heads to our table, looking annoyed or embarrassed, and gives my mom her one peso.

I would have done the same thing my mom did. It’s really not about the amount, nor is it being sarcastic. I can’t quite a put a finger on where my mom went right exactly, but I’d still do the same.

Would you?

The finer points of indulgence

Finally!! A week-off from school and academic requirements. A few treats for myself:

1. I went grocery shopping and stocked up on the basic snacks for our pantry. Was so surprised to find this in the shelves! I’m supposedly on a “diet”, but when I read the description, I was sold.

“A refresher course in the finer points of indulgence. Between the exquisite cookies of this classic Milano awaits a refreshing duet of cool mint creme and rich, dark chocolate. Very cool indeed.”

My new favorite!

2. I just finished reading Harry Potter 4 and decided to buy more books from Booksale. I have three more books that I haven’t read, though.

New books to read, all from Booksale! (P10-60 each)

3. And finally, a chance to catch up on my favorite TV shows! I don’t really mind missing out on a few episodes, if it means I can watch them back to back on a carefree day such as today.

Catch up with my favorite TV shows

I’m fooling myself, really. Putting myself on vacation mode when I know that in less than a week, I’ll be back in school to take three more final exams and submit a revised, foolproof and hardbound thesis. But our returned manuscript should motivate me enough! 🙂

Our manuscript returned from one of the panelists ... !!!!!!